Ai Media Group Shared Best Practices in Digital Marketing to Reach the Hispanic Consumer At Google Hispanic Marketing Forum 2012

Ai Media Group COO & Founder, Sergio Alvarez discussed techniques to

optimize search and display advertising results for the Hispanic

marketplace at the second annual Hispanic Marketing Forum held at Google

NYC, on February 15th, 2012. Sergio revealed proven methods

on how to reach the Hispanic consumer, deliver the correct message, and

track results to achieve ROI.

Mr. Alvarez illustrated how Ai Media was successful in significantly

expanding sales within the Hispanic marketplace for their clients by

carefully qualifying the Hispanic user and combining proprietary tactics

focused on lifestyle and demographic information related to the

diversity that exists amongst the Hispanic cultures.

The event explored how the Hispanic market drives the growth of the new

multicultural consumer; Fortune 100 leaders face the challenge of

executing growth-marketing strategies across an increasingly fragmented

media landscape while attaining a measurable ROI.

About Ai Media Group: The exemplary skills of Ai Media Group

professionals have been at the forefront of search marketing, from

digital advertising to Yahoo Yellow Pages, to bridging the gap into

algorithmic search. Ai Media Group has a proven record of providing

measurable results to thousands of advertisers. The company’s mission is

to educate the marketplace on the newest offerings and act as

consultants to enhance business decisions with strategic business

intelligence. Ai Media Group’s entire staff is well-versed on all

aspects of search and is comprised of the industry’s most knowledgeable

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