American Cleaning Institute Response – Pediatrics Study on Exposures to Detergent Packets

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) released the following statement
in response to a study in the journal Pediatrics reporting on
child exposures to detergent packets:

“The most important message coming out of this study of exposures in
2013 and 2014 is reminding parents and caregivers that proper storage
and handling of laundry packets during use is essential in preventing
accidental exposures.

“Like any other household cleaning product, keep these packets out of
the reach and sight of children. Always ensure the re-closable bag or
container is tightly sealed after use and during storage and put them
away immediately after use.

“In addition to our industry’s ongoing efforts to educate consumers on
proper product safety and storage, manufacturers are implementing a
series of packaging and labeling measures as part of a new international
standard that will help reduce accidental exposures.

“The standard includes a menu of secure package closures designed to
challenge the typical strength, mental acuity and/or dexterity of a
young child. From this menu, manufacturers can choose a configuration
that is effective at deterring child access while ensuring adults are
able to open it and completely close it in between uses.

“Under the new guidelines, warnings and immediate first-aid instructions
– if there is an accident – are being standardized and will be prominent
on packages.

“The laundry packet standard also calls for changes to the packets
themselves to deter accidents once a child has gained access to one:
ensure packets withstand the squeezing pressure of a child; include a
soluble film containing a bitter substance; and use a film that leads to
the bitter substance being tasted before any liquid contents are

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Still Improperly Storing Laundry Packets

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