Brewers Join Forces to Increase Impact on Global Beer Responsibility Day

Unified effort to increase the reach and impact of alcohol
responsibility initiatives led by brewers in communities around the

AMSTERDAM & BRUSSELS & COPENHAGEN, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On September 18 and beyond, three of the world’s largest brewers –
Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg and HEINEKEN, as well as local brewers
and beer associations – are joining forces to lead Global Beer
Responsibility Day (GBRD), a worldwide effort to promote the responsible
consumption of beer.

In its first year as a global, collaborative effort, brewers, along with
many other local partners, will focus on reducing the harmful use of
alcohol and promoting responsible enjoyment of beer in communities
around the world. Global Beer Responsibility Day is just one part of
brewers’ year-round commitment – both locally and globally – to promote
responsible consumption of their products.

“We know that by coordinating our activities and by making Global Beer
Responsibility Day a truly collaborative effort, we can achieve much
greater reach and impact with our programs than if each of us acts
alone,” said Carlos Brito, Chief Executive Officer at Anheuser-Busch
InBev. “In fact, we look forward to continuing to work with any
interested partners to develop programs that promote responsible and
moderate consumption.”

Brewers will activate approximately 60,000 employees in 62 countries,
with the goal of directly engaging more than 1 million consumers and
close to 1 million retailers, and reaching another 10 million consumers
through communications activities with drink driving and underage
consumption prevention initiatives, bartender and server trainings,
consumer education tools and brand-led responsibility campaigns, among
many other initiatives.

For example in Mexico, through the Mexican Beer Chamber, Anheuser-Busch
InBev, HEINEKEN and craft brewers, aim to inspire more than 200,000
retailers to commit to requesting young adults to show official ID
before selling alcohol to them. This builds on the success of the
brewers’ collaboration in 2014 where retailers made a pledge not to sell
alcohol to underage consumers.

In Brazil, over 8,000 employees at Anheuser-Busch InBev and HEINEKEN are
activating “Dia de Responsa” to prevent underage drinking, attempting to
reach almost 250,000 retailers and more than 2.5 million consumers. And
in Russia, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg and HEINEKEN and EFES are
executing an ID-checking program aiming to visit more than 80,000 retail
accounts and reach more than 500,000 consumers with responsible drinking

“Beer plays an important role in local cultures and economies and
together we need to continue to contribute to this positive impact of
beer in society by promoting that our products should be consumed
responsibly as a part of a balanced lifestyle,” said Cees ‘t Hart, Chief
Executive Officer at Carlsberg.

“The industry as a whole is setting commitments and taking concrete
actions. By engaging with all interested groups in society, from
governments to retailers and to parents, we can make a positive impact
on alcohol abuse. It is time to embrace the opportunity. Global Beer
Responsibility Day is a catalyst for increased action,” said
Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chief Executive Officer at HEINEKEN.

“It is our responsibility as brewers and brewing associations to
prioritize tackling the harmful use of alcohol,” said Denita Wawn, chair
of the Worldwide Brewing Alliance and CEO of the Brewers Association of
Australia and New Zealand. “This day is a moment for us to share our
successes, reflect on our challenges and make a collective commitment to
the work yet to be done.”

For more information on how brewers are helping encourage moderate
consumption and reduce the harmful use of alcohol, visit the Worldwide
Brewing Alliance website at:

About Global Beer Responsibility Day
in 2015, Global Beer Responsibility Day is an annual industry-wide
initiative, led by Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg and HEINEKEN, to
highlight and reinforce the responsibility efforts conducted by brewers,
wholesalers, retailers, government and enforcement officials, NGOs and
other partners. On Global Beer Responsibility Day, the three brewers
will showcase and launch a variety of programs aimed at reducing the
harmful use of alcohol, including drink driving and underage drinking
prevention, server and seller training efforts and consumer education
programs, among others.


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