California Community Leaders Endorse Smart H2O Water Conservation Mobile App from Smart Utility Systems

Utility Systems
(SUS), a leading provider of cloud-based solutions
for the utility sector and its customers, today announced that its free Smart
water conservation mobile app has gained endorsements from
several prominent community leaders throughout California. Smart H2O
enables users to partner with utilities in water conservation by
allowing them to report water waste such as unrepaired leaks, defective
irrigation systems, and water run-off in the streets, to their local
water agency with a single click on their mobile device. The app is
currently available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Recognizing that California is entering its fifth year of drought and
critically needs tools that support water conservation, SUS made an
investment to promote a sustainable water future by
introducing Smart H2O
. The app, available for free to all California
residents, provides water agencies with real-time water waste reports
and engages the general public in drought-related efforts. Since its
debut, the app has gained praise of community leaders throughout the
state as an example of how technology innovation can play an important
role in tackling water scarcity.

“I am personally excited to see innovation like the Smart H2O app
emerge. We need such an intelligent solution for our critical water
conservation efforts,” said California State Senator, Jim Beall.* “Our
communities, with the help of such progressive apps, can create a
sustainable future for generations to come.”

In addition to Senator Beall, Smart Utility Systems has announced that
over a dozen California community leaders have endorsed Smart H2O.

With Smart H2O, water waste can be reported to water agencies in as
little as 15 seconds. Users simply take a photo, then submit through the
app which uses geolocation technology to route the report directly to
the right water agency. Water utilities benefit from having more engaged
citizens acting as water advocates and providing specific real-time
information on potential water waste.

In June, Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose* attended
a ribbon cutting for the opening of a new Smart Utility Systems office
in Santa Clara
and welcomed the company to Silicon Valley. “All
Californians are impacted by this historic drought we are in,” stated
Mayor Liccardo. “I am all for an innovative Silicon Valley approach to
water conservation that can turn concern into action and convert every
smartphone user in California into a true water conservation advocate.
Every utility should consider engaging consumers using mobile
technology, the sooner the better towards a sustainable future for
California and the world.”

“The drought affects everyone in California and residents want to do
their part to help, but most people aren’t familiar with their own water
agencies, let alone the agencies outside of their home cities and
neighborhoods,” said Deepak Garg, CEO and chairman, Smart Utility
Systems. “With the Smart H2O app, any Californian with a smartphone can
act as a true water advocate and we’re thrilled that community leaders
throughout California have recognized the importance of this simple yet
powerful tool.”

The Smart H2O mobile app is available as a free download for iOS
and Android-based
mobile devices. Beyond enabling easy water waste reporting, other Smart
H2O features include:

  • Up to date information on the latest government-mandated water use
    restrictions, helping consumer stay within legal boundaries and avoid
    fines and penalties.
  • Access to the latest water conservation incentives and rebates, as
    well as practical water-saving tips to help users reduce their own
    water footprint.
  • Integration with messaging and social media platforms, enabling users
    to easily share restrictions, rebates and incentives and create water
    conservation buzz.

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*Titles used for identification purposes only and are not meant to
indicate an endorsement from the district, city, or county


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