Californians for Patient Care Supports Central Valley Asthma Walk

The following statement is attributed to Carmella Gutierrez, president

of Californians for Patient Care:

“Asthma has plagued residents of California’s Central Valley for many

years, with the area’s children being particularly affected. It is one

of the many chronic illnesses, like hypertension and diabetes, that

Californians are dealing with on an increasing basis.

“People who suffer from asthma endure horrific physical discomfort, from

massive chest tightness, wheezing and coughing to literally struggling

for breath. These symptoms of an asthma attack are excruciating for any

asthma patient, and in some cases can even be life-threatening; but for

children suffering from asthma, they are also extremely scary.

“Asthma is historically one of the leading reasons children in the

Central Valley miss school and are admitted to hospitals. Not

coincidentally, the Central Valley also has some of the highest rates of

air pollution not just in the state, but in the country. Ideally, we

should all work together to eliminate the circumstances that lead to

asthma attacks, but we also need to know what to do in case someone we

know or love suffers from an asthma attack. In short, education and

awareness need to increase.

“Events like the Central Valley Asthma Walk, sponsored by the Service

Employees International Union and United Healthcare Workers (SEIU-UHW),

are so important – they remind that asthma is a serious, chronic

illness. We applaud SEIU-UHW for organizing this walk and for shining a

bright light on one of the Central Valley’s most serious health


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