Cambrooke Therapeutics Launches to Focus on Improving the Lives of Children with Epilepsy

AYER, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cambrooke Therapeutics Inc., an innovation leader in therapeutic
nutrition for inborn errors of metabolism and now ketogenic diet
therapy, announces the launch of their new website, aimed to
help families reclaim as normal a life as possible while on a ketogenic
diet for the dietary management of epilepsy. The effort falls under
KetoVie’s new branding, “Everyday is Everything.”

KetoVie’s mission is to help bring a better quality of life to those
with intractable epilepsy on a ketogenic diet. will support
this mission by sharing the latest information on research, the KetoVie
brand of products, recipes and resources. In addition, the website will
host an “Everyday is Everything” keto blog and a ketogenic newsletter,
titled, Achieve Your Everyday, with the latest keto news and
where parents can share insight as to how they practice the ketogenic

The web site explains, “Epilepsy stole your ‘everyday’. We’re here to
help steal it back.”

The Ketogenic diet has been part of medical practice for over 95 years
for the dietary management of difficult to control seizures. Epilepsy
affects about 750,000 children in the United States with an estimated
20-30% who do not respond to medications. When medication fails, a
ketogenic diet is an effective treatment with at least a 50% reduction
in the number of seizures and 10-15% becoming seizure free.

Renee Klein’s five-year -old daughter, Luella, suffered with seizures
and was diagnosed with a neuro-metabolic disorder called Glut-1
deficiency disorder (Glut-1DS). The only and first treatment protocol
for Glut-1DS is a ketogenic diet. According to Renee, “The diet is life
changing for Luella. Her symptoms are almost entirely mitigated with
only 1 seizure in over two years. The ketogenic diet is tough and has a
demanding protocol that impacts the entire family. Our ketogenic
community is desperate for ready-made food products like Cambrooke’s
KetoVie Café Wholesome 3.5:1 Bread that will reduce the daily demand on
caregivers. Getting time back and giving our kids control allows us to
live each moment with our kids in a more meaningful, happy way.” is here to help families and be a resource with relevant and
pertinent information to assist families with their everyday living. For
more information visit

About Cambrooke Therapeutics – Founded in 2000, Cambrooke
Therapeutics is a private equity-backed, Massachusetts-based therapeutic
nutrition company and global provider of medical nutrition products for
patients with serious unmet medical needs. The company works with
physicians and researchers from around the world to develop, test and
commercialize products that are today focused on inborn errors of
metabolism and intractable epilepsy. More information is available at


Cambrooke Therapeutics Inc.
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