Cannabis Gets a Tech Upgrade with FEZ

Stylish Portable Vaporizer Designed Exclusively for Cannabis

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Introducing FEZ, the modern vaporization experience for the discerning
cannabis consumer, designed by Seattle tech innovators.

FEZ was born from the search for the ultimate cannabis experience. After
extensively testing the current vaporizer market, the FEZ team of tech
veterans and cannabis connoisseurs decided to raise the bar and create a
vaporizer expressly designed for dry-leaf consumption. FEZ offers
powerful conduction-based technology, a choice of temperature settings,
long battery life, and portability for customized cannabis pleasure that
fits seamlessly into a modern lifestyle.

Experiencing the nuances of cannabis in its purest form has never been
easier or more discreet. Simply twist the cap to insert dry leaf, hold
the button for three seconds, and when the light glows green, enjoy the
full flavor and effect of the flower in a rich experience that smoking
just can’t match.

FEZ is available now for $139 at
and online retailers.

  • Unlike most vaporizers, FEZ was designed for dry-leaf cannabis.
  • FEZ’s sleek, portable design means you can enjoy cannabis conveniently
    and discreetly in style.
  • FEZ eliminates 95% of all toxic compounds found in cannabis smoke.
  • FEZ’s temperature-controlled design allows users to enjoy flavors,
    aromas, and cannabinoids such as THC-A, CBD, and CBN that are
    typically destroyed during smoking.
  • FEZ’s battery life lasts for over 2,000 puffs, the most in its class.
  • FEZ comes with a micro USB charger and fully charges in about an hour.
  • FEZ heats up in under 60 seconds.
  • FEZ is easy to use and easy to clean.
  • FEZ is virtually odorless

About FEZ

Seattle-based FEZ is a group of tech veterans and cannabis influencers
who are passionate about creating an inspired alternative to the many
smoking accessories on the market. Unlike many vaporizers, FEZ was
designed for cannabis, combining elegance and convenience with powerful
conduction-based technology to perfectly vaporize dry leaf every time.

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Sam Webster, CEO