Charbay Launches Mexico’s 75-Year-Old Tequila Tapatio Brand, Including New High-Proof Blanco (‘B110’), in the U.S.

La Alteña Distillery and Charbay Distillers (U.S. importer) are pleased to announce that the newest Tequila in the U.S. is Mexico’s 75-year-old Tequila Tapatio brand.

Included in the collection is a gutsy new Tequila: Tapatio’s 110-proof Blanco.

“B110 has taken its place next to the best tequilas ever produced,” said Tequila aficionado Jimmy Yeager of Jimmy’s in Aspen, CO. (“50 Best Bars in the U.S.”/Food & Wine Magazine)

Since 1937, Tequila Tapatio has been distilled by the Carlos Camarena family from 100% estate-grown blue agaves in the Arandas Highlands of Mexico using the family’s traditional methods and small-batch distillation that date back to the 1800’s.

“Finally all tequila aficionados can enjoy this delicious tequila,” said Julio Bermejo, Ambassador of Tequila to the U.S. as appointed by the CNIT & owner of Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco.

The Tequila Tapatio collection includes:

  • Tequila Tapatio Blanco (aged for 6 months in stainless steel) $34/1L
  • Tequila Tapatio Reposado (aged for 8 months in aged oak barrels to bring a hint of sweetness from the wood, without overpowering the spicy agave flavor) $38/1L
  • Tequila Tapatio Añejo (aged for 18 months in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks) $44/1L
  • Tequila Tapatio 110-Proof Blanco (aged for 6 months in stainless steel and only available in the U.S.) $48/1L

Tequila Tapatio’s 110-proof Blanco (‘B110’) was inspired by Carlos Camarena’s vision of distilling a Tequila that is uncommonly smooth and flavorful – at the maximum proof allowed by U.S. law.

“Since Tequila consists of water, alcohol and flavors, reduce the water and you’ve increased the alcohol and flavors,” explains Marko Karakasevic, Master Distiller of Charbay Distillers. “Tequila Tapatio 110-Proof Blanco has huge florals and spicy cinnamon, plus chamomile and rich agave.”

Under Master Distiller Camarena’s careful watch, the agaves are selected for ripeness and slow-baked for four days. After being shredded and run through a modified sugar cane mill for de-juicing, the agave ‘Mosto’ is fermented in small wooden fermenters using their proprietary 75-year-old yeast culture.

The ‘Mosto Muerte’ (fermented Mosto) is distilled in a stainless Alambique Still, which produces ‘Ordinario.’ Ordinario is then distilled in Copper Alambiques Pot Stills and aged.