Chromecast Users Get 1000 New Free Channels From FreeCast

FreeCast’s Rabbit TV mobile apps, now available for Chromecast, offer
users more channels than even the largest pay-TV subscriptions.

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Getting one thousand channels to choose from on your television once
required the priciest cable or satellite TV subscription available,
costing hundreds of dollars a month, and requiring your TV provider to
install the necessary equipment. Now, the same can be achieved with your
current smartphone or tablet, a free app, and Google’s $35 Chromecast.
FreeCast’s Rabbit TV apps for Android and iOS now integrate seamlessly
with Chromecast, and boast over 1000 channels, streamed effortlessly to
your TV screen with the push of a single button.

Using Rabbit TV via Chromecast doesn’t just provide more channels than
traditional cable packages, it offers the ideal user experience as well.
Because your device features the channel guide while video is being cast
to the screen, you never have to worry about losing the remote or
navigation options covering the program you’re watching. You can also
use other apps on your phone or tablet while streaming, without
interrupting the video experience on your TV. Best of all, you can
forget all about monthly fees, bulky set top boxes, service
appointments, and other hassles typically associated with television

FreeCast CEO William Mobley described the company’s move as paving the
way for a resurgence of ad-supported TV: “Freely available TV has always
been the backbone of the industry. Pay-TV’s had a great run, but now
it’s in need of an update. We think that starts with an update to the
free ad-supported piece. Where you once bought an antenna to get a
handful of free TV stations over the air, you can now buy a device like
Chromecast and get thousands of channels from the web.”


FreeCast Inc
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Communications Director