Copley Retention Systems Announces Rebrand as Nuro Retention

Renaming reflects period of software development and corporate growth

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Copley Retention Systems announced today a major rebranding of its
higher education retention software, to be known as Nuro Retention, and
its corporate entity, Nuro Learning
“We feel that Nuro speaks to the ability of our software to create
meaningful, useful information from disparate data sources,” said CEO
Tom McNamara. “Our system is built to impact individual and
institutional success using the many data sources already in use at
partner institutions from day one. The Nuro name is a reflection of how
our software achieves the interconnection of these data points and
becomes the neural center of information on campus.”

The Nuro Retention platform creates a network of data that continually
reports success indicators at the individual student, campus
professional, department, and institutional level. Chief Technology
Officer Chris Rodriguez has led the Nuro development team to complete a
solution able to consume, normalize, and contextualize data from any
source. “We built this technology knowing that there was all this data
floating around and no way for schools to use it when and how they
needed to. We wanted to create a platform that leverages this data and
gives stakeholders a place for communication and collaboration.”

In addition, the Copley corporate entity will be renamed Nuro Learning,
reflecting the company’s current software, consulting, and training
offerings, as well as its future growth plans.

Members from the Nuro team will be exhibiting at the annual DREAM,
NASPA, AAC&, HLC and AACC conferences.

About Nuro Learning

The Nuro Learning team is dedicated to supporting student success by
making data actionable. The Nuro Retention platform works to network
institutional data and inform stakeholder strategies to provide the most
positive impact on student outcomes. Nuro and their partners provide
software, consulting, and best-practice institutional training that
directly impact student success, retention, and completion. Nuro
Learning is based in Chicago, Illinois and Miami, Florida.


Nuro Learning
Hannah Chouinard, 866-238-7327
Marketing Director