CortControl Granted U.S. Patent for Human Fertility Methodology

Glutrasol IF offers a non-invasive, cost-effective, integrative
alternative to treating human infertility.

, a medical food formulator, has announced that it has been
granted a United States Patent for its fertility enhancement food.

The patent, which was first filed in October of 2014, is an important
step for CortControl.

Glutrasol™ IF
fertility food is being clinically tested to enhance
traditional infertility protocols and provide a low-cost consideration
for improved efficacy. This fertility-enhancement food is consumed by
subjects seven or more days before planned conception.

CortControl is the sister company to Ramaekers
. Founded in 1969 by Dr. Joseph Ramaekers, Ramaekers
Nutrition has been developing patented natural veterinary products to
educate immune cells and enhance their function. CortControl
is leveraging 40 years of studies and science developed by Ramaekers
and is applying efficacy formulation experience to the
human arena with this human fertility enhancement treatment.

Glutrasol IF offers two distinctive benefits for both fertility
specialists and patients. First, because Glutrasol IF is a medical food
ingested just like other foods, it is a non-invasive form of treatment.
And second, it is far less expensive than in-vitro fertilization and
other fertility treatments. “For these reasons, and because of its
proven effectiveness with livestock, we believe that Glutrasol IF can
be a sensible, low-cost initial treatment that effectively addresses
infertility for many couples before specialists turn to more
invasive and costly approaches
,” said Jim Daniels, founder and CEO
of CortControl.

For pharmaceutical companies and others interested in partnering with
CortControl in the production, marketing, and distribution of Glutrasol™
IF, an enormous opportunity also exists. According to the Mayo Clinic,
between 10% and 15% of all couples of childbearing age have difficulty
either conceiving or taking a pregnancy through to term. In the U.S.
alone, this represents tens of millions of couples—many of them
potential Glutrasol™ IF users.

In addition to the company’s fertility treatment food, CortControl has
patents pending for vaccine enhancement and more patents planned for
other treatment protocols where diminished immune function has a direct
correlation to treatment efficacy.

“Immune enhancement is a pivotal element for increasing the efficacy of
numerous treatment protocols, so the positive impact on patients
undergoing those protocols is very real,” Daniels said. “We are actively
working in other arenas to bring these solutions to market.”

About CortControl

CortControl develops market-ready, patent-protected medical foods for
manufacture and distribution. CortControl’s Glutrasol™ family of
products, when combined with other specific medical protocols, such as
vaccine regimes, infertility treatments and others, work to boost immune
function to dramatically improve the efficacy of those protocols.
CortControl is committed to advancing global health by sharing emerging
technologies with donors, tech researchers, manufacturers and delivery
organizations. Learn more at

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