Encantos Introduces Tiny Travelers, a New Family Brand Inspiring Kids to Become Citizens of the World

The direct-to-consumer travel brand will explore the world and its diverse cultures through engaging adventure-based apps, books, content, consumer products, experiences, and more

CULVER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Encantos, the award-winning B-Corp creating direct-to-consumer family brands for the diverse and digital age, today announced the launch of its newest brand: Tiny Travelers. A celebration of the world’s diverse cultures, Tiny Travelers is a family travel brand that inspires kids to become citizens of the world. Tiny Travelers is the latest initiative from Encantos, which developed the 2019 Kidscreen Award winning, Emmy-nominated bilingual preschool brand and Nick Jr. animated series, Canticos.

Created as a purpose-driven brand with a mission to embrace how big and beautifully diverse the world truly is, Tiny Travelers seeks to build bridges and cultural understanding for today’s globally-minded families. Designed for preschool and elementary school kids to explore geography, language and culture, the brand will offer engaging adventure-based learning through interactive physical and digital play experiences. The suite of products will include apps, books, content, consumer products, and more. A character-driven animated Tiny Travelers series is also in development.

“Most kids today are told that it’s a small world, when in fact it’s a really big world,” says Encantos CEO and Tiny Travelers creator and author Steven Wolfe Pereira. “And because the world is so big, there are many countries, cities, and cultures that have yet to be discovered and explored by kids. In this digital age when people all over the globe are more connected than ever, we need to foster curiosity, empathy and understanding by learning what makes people and places so special. That’s why we created Tiny Travelers. Today’s parents want their kids to become citizens of the world and they crave opportunities for them to discover and explore in culturally-authentic ways – whether on the road or at home.”

Tiny Travelers makes its debut with the Treasure Quest series of search-and-find board books, now available on the brand’s website, TinyTravelers.com, Amazon, and other retail bookstores across the globe. Co-developed by Steven Wolfe Pereira and Encantos Chief Creative Officer Susie Jaramillo, Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest explores a country or territory through a beautifully illustrated journey to discover its cultural treasures from food and music to animals and monuments. Along the way, kids and adults alike can enjoy the fun facts, hidden “easter eggs”, and rhyme-based storytelling. Developed closely alongside a Tiny Travelers Country Guide, a destination expert from the featured country or with family ties to it, each Treasure Quest title has been vigorously researched to ensure that cultural authenticity is maintained and accurately depicted.

Today, travel is more popular than ever. According to a recent AAA Travel survey, nearly 100 million Americans – four in 10 U.S. adults – plan to take a family vacation in 2019. The surge in vacations was due in part to 44 percent of millennials planning a family getaway, which is more than Generation X (39 percent) or baby boomers (32 percent). Millennials are also traveling with children in record numbers, as 58% of millennial travelers have children under 18 years of age. With over half of the United States population under 40 years old, millennial consumers are now the driving force in the family travel industry, increasingly seeking culturally-authentic experiences to raise well-rounded, globally-minded children.

To this end, Encantos is introducing the Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest country series launching first with Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest Mexico, available for purchase beginning today. The next few countries include Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest China (available in November), Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest Puerto Rico (available in February) and Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest India (available in March), which are available for pre-order. Tiny Travelers is also launching its direct-to-consumer e-commerce website with a collection of travel-inspired merchandise that celebrates the world and its cultures.

“We want Tiny Travelers to be the destination for all kids and families when they think about travel and discovering countries, cities, and cultures,” says Wolfe Pereira. “Understanding and engaging with different geographies, languages and cultures is a competitive advantage for kids. Tiny Travelers is here to help parents raise global citizens today to prepare and inspire them to be the global leaders of tomorrow.”

To purchase Tiny Travelers Mexico or pre-order additional products, visit: www.tinytravelers.com


Tiny Travelers is a cultural celebration of the world. A new direct-to-consumer family travel brand with a mission to embrace how big and beautifully diverse the world truly is, Tiny Travelers inspires kids to become citizens of the world. Designed for preschool and elementary school kids, Tiny Travelers incorporates key 21st century learning, literacy, and life skills through physical and digital adventure-based play experiences focused on geography, language and culture. Founded by Encantos, the award-winning B-Corp creating direct-to-consumer family brands for the diverse and digital age, Tiny Travelers seeks to build bridges and cultural understanding for today’s globally-minded families. Learn more: www.tinytravelers.com and follow @gotinytravelers.


Encantos is an award-winning B-Corp with a mission to entertain, educate, and inspire kids in the diverse and digital age. Encantos builds purpose-driven direct-to-consumer family brands that incorporate 21st-century learning, literacy and life skills – all connected by culture. As an entertainment education company, Encantos creates, designs, develops, licenses, and markets a diversified portfolio of award-winning family brands. These include the Emmy-nominated bilingual preschool brand Canticos, the travel brand Tiny Travelers, and the bravery brand Skeletitos. Based in Culver City, CA, Encantos is a proud female-owned public benefit corporation that puts diversity, equality, and inclusion at the heart of everything it creates. Learn more: www.encantosmedia.com and follow @encantosmedia.


Jaclyn Rutigliano, jaclyn@encantosmedia.com