Forbes to Launch Forbes Mexico in November 2012

Forbes announced today the launch of its 24th international

edition, Forbes Mexico, in partnership with an exciting new publisher in

Mexico, MBG. MBG has experience in publishing sports magazines and

upscale books. The new edition is scheduled to launch in November 2012

in Spanish, and will be distributed throughout Mexico. Distribution will

be 40,000 copies.

Forbes Mexico’s editor is Andrés Tapia, who was previously the Deputy

Director of GQ Mexico and Latin America. Editorial will consist of local

business stories combined with content gleaned from Forbes U.S.

Forbes Television and Licensing President Miguel Forbes stated: “We

couldn’t be more excited to partner with such a respected company in the

Latin American marketplace to publish a Mexican edition of Forbes. We

hope to inspire the entrepreneur and the business enthusiast to drive

innovation and help make a positive impact on society.”

“Business-people, company executives, opinion leaders and the new

generation are all aware of the prestige and value of the information

provided by Forbes. Now they will have access to trusted journalism to

compliment and improve their current source of information,” says Max

Linares, CEO Forbes Mexico.

Shareholders of MBG stated, “Forbes Mexico will be the most trustworthy

business media brand in our country.”

About MBG: MBG has a history of publishing sports magazines and

books. Its three principals include:

Mariano Menendez, Partner
Mr. Menendez founded and

successfully grew Grupo Vallas (the largest outdoor company in Latin

America), Diesel Outdoor (a creative non-traditional Out-Of-Home

Advertising company located in New York City), and (the

most important luxury and lifestyle on-line web publication in Mexico


Marco Landucci, Partner
Mr. Landucci founded Landucci

Publishing (a newly created division of Landucci Editores, that has a

long-tradition and is a prestigious publishing house that has led the

art and illustrated books segment in Latin America since 2003). Mr.

Landucci has been appointed by FIFA as the official Producer and

Distributor in Latin America.

Max Linares, CEO
Mr. Linares successfully led Media Brands

as President of the Board and Initiative Media as CEO. Mr. Linares also

collaborated with Sony Pictures Television as Vice President. He has

great experience and relationships with all Media Agencies and a broad

experience with Media Companies in Mexico and Latin America.

Forbes Media:
Forbes Media LLC, publisher of Forbes

magazine and, is an authoritative source of news and

information on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship,

leadership and affluent lifestyles., a leading business

website, currently reaches 30 million monthly unique visitors, and

Forbes magazine, Forbes Asia and Forbes Europe attract a global audience

of more than 5 million readers. The Company also publishes ForbesLife


as well as 24 licensed international local-language editions around the

world, including Africa, Argentina,



China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, French Africa, Georgia, India,

Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Middle East,

Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

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