Giga Entertainment Media and ANDROID TV™ Sign Pioneering Cross Marketing Agreement

VIEWER App To Access Android TV’s Original Content

ANDROID TV™ Events to be Featured on GEM Landing Page

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Giga Entertainment Media (“GEM”)
– the leading social media technology company that launched a
game-changing interactive digital distribution platform for Millennials
to view multiple content streams, has entered into a cross-marketing
agreement with ANDROID TV™ that provides GEM, through its VIEWER
platform, access to original celebrity content from ANDROID
including content featuring interviews hot off Hollywood’s latest red
carpet events.

is a revolutionary digital platform that allows users to view multiple
content streams in separate adjustable windows on a single screen. Users
can transform a single screen into a customized multi-screen viewing

According to Gary Nerlinger, GEM founder and chief executive officer,
“We’re continuously looking to collaborate on strategic partnerships
that will bring high quality productions and unique content to our
consumers who want to break away from the standard episodic content of
cable TV.”

Under the deal, Android TV™ will offer content through GEM’s VIEWER
platform, while GEM will provide featured spaces of events on its
landing page to promote Android TV’s videos. GEM also will offer a guide
channel that will showcase highlighted videos from Android TV’s archive.

“The growth of Android TV™ (
has been unprecedented,” said Fernando Escovar, Android TV’s chief
information officer. “Fans love our timely coverage of all the hot new
celebrity events, award shows and premieres. Now with our availability
on GEM’s VIEWER platform, our fan base will have even more ways to
access our interviews across multiple platforms and devices.”

Eddie Huey, GEM’s chief technology officer, said, “Our viewers have
always been huge consumers of entertainment, and partnering with ANDROID
TV™ allows them to get up close to the celebrities and personalities
they watch on the big screen. Many of the users don’t have exclusive
access to movie premieres or award galas, and ANDROID TV™ brings it all
to their fingertips. One unique feature of the VIEWER app is the
capability to bring groups of friends together and hold their own
fashion awards, among numerous other user-friendly and enjoyable viewing
and sharing experiences.”

Nerlinger added, “We are ready to unveil over the coming weeks an App
unlike any other and is truly changing Social Media. SELFEO is being
rolled out worldwide in a massive marketing deployment. The most
immersive, elegant, simultasking, enjoyable and user-friendly
communication viewing and sharing experience ever developed for any
digital device is an outgrowth of our original broader VIEWER Platform.”


We are on the scene, covering the biggest red carpet events, award
shows, movie premieres, original productions including exclusive sit
down interviews with some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.

ANDROID TV™ is trademark of Exo Level LLC.

About Giga Entertainment Media

Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) is a multi-media technology company that
provides unique interactive viewing and communications enhancement
features, such as existing live programming, VOD and movie lineups, to
consumers on the Internet as well as private labeling to brands, content
providers and content aggregators and their subscribers.

GEM’S most recent technological breakthrough on its dynamic
game-changing platform allows real-time access to the entire web and
associated video library, which includes substantial cable programming
through voice recognition and user-friendly swiping viewed in an optimal
personalized digital experience. GEM’s advanced technology allows
multitasking, simultasking and the entire range of interactive social
network applications all at the same time on one device.

With its GIGANETTV Brand consumer-friendly entertainment service,
GEM allows the transmission and receipt of up to 30 simultaneous
content streams, enabling the user to control the viewing and
communications interfaces in real time by adjusting the size and
location of viewing windows. On a single site, consumers can access live
broadcasts, movies, social networks, games, applications, web search,
email, text, blog, join single or multiple live personal or group chats,
conference, Skype, play video games and record — all in HD on
simultaneous multiple PIP (picture-in-picture) expandable, shrinkable
and movable floating screens. Users are also offered buy-now options
with an advanced programming guide, scrolling, newsfeeds and alerts.

GEM has two distinct business models: the business-to-business (B2B)
GIGANETTV platform and the recently launched business-to-consumer (B2C)
VIEWER Retail Super App — the ultimate, most personalized,
“simultasking” social media app ever. Both are available on any digital
device and feature simultaneous multi-screen, multi-stream,
multi-tasking and multi-user collaboration capabilities.


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