Ideal Protein Announces Launch of Education Management System IdealSmart™ Academy

Educational and interactive self-paced training modules standardize
coaching, maximize participants’ experience

GATINEAU, Quebec–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IdealProteinIdeal
, providers of a medically designed and developed protocol
for weight management launched its education management system (EMS),
IdealSmart™ Academy today. Available only to Ideal Protein clinic and
center partners, the self-paced educational platform was developed to
standardize and systemize training methodologies for the 3,500 partners
across North America, and to ensure that all participants have the same
quality experience with the protocol.

Tim Callahan, President of Ideal Protein, said, “In alignment with our
mission to provide the best Ideal user experience and most meaningful
journey to every participant, our education, communications and
lifestyle teams have worked tirelessly to deliver the IdealSmart™
Academy. We realize that building this on-demand learning pathway and
continuum for all providers, coaches and participants will both
accelerate standardization and meaningfully impact outcomes and results.”

IdealSmart™Academy will reinforce the knowledge required to understand
the protocol, the tools, the phases and the science behind the Ideal
Protein Protocol, including the lifestyle building and lifestyle living
approach to weight loss and weight maintenance. The platform enables
coaches to present the Ideal Protein Protocol with consistency along
their patients’ or clients’ journey to improved health and personal

The Academy consists of 19 learning modules, covering key protocol
components including coaching tools and support, Lifestyle Building
(weight loss phases 1-3), Lifestyle Living (phase 4 and maintenance),
advanced coaching techniques and advanced science. A comprehensive quiz
is administered at the end of each training session, with a 70 percent
pass rate required to advance to the next step toward coaching
certification. The training platform is offered to all Ideal Protein’s
clinic and center partners free of charge.

“Earnest adoption and ownership of the Ideal Protein Protocol is
critical,” continued Callahan. “IdealSmart™ Academy standardizes
implementation and administration of our protocol in clinics and
centers, affording participants maximum opportunity to benefit from
improved and sustained health. The Academy also gives us the structure
and systems we need to make an impact in the fight against obesity on a
global scale.”

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a four-phase, low carbohydrate, moderate
protein, ketogenic weight management solution. Healthcare professionals
and trained coaches offer the protocol to help people lose weight, and
enjoy sustained health outcomes and improved quality of life as a result.

To see how physicians and other healthcare practitioners are helping
their patients lose weight, click here.

About Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein Protocol is medically designed and developed and is
consistent with evidence-based guidelines for long-term weight loss
management. The approach is a proven, four phase protocol that features
two key components: a 12 month stabilization period and healthy
lifestyle education to help maintain long lasting results. It
incorporates ongoing one-on-one coaching, customized lifestyle guidance
tools, access to educational, inspirational and interactive resources,
and a plan that is outcomes-focused to maintain healthy, long-term
results. The protocol tackles the root cause of Metabolic Syndrome – the
body’s overproduction of insulin – by restricting consumption of sugars
and carbohydrates, achieving optimal results through lowering poor fat
intake, while maintaining adequate protein intake to preserve muscle
mass. Our protocol is available through Licensed Healthcare Providers,
Trained clinics and coaches. For more information, visit


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