Illinois Back Institute Research Finds New Treatment Effective for Chronic Low Back Pain, Sciatica

Integrated treatment avoids drugs or surgery, linked to better
clinical results

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#backpain–There is a path to pain free living for the estimated 1 in 4 Americans
suffering chronic, non-specific low back pain according to new research
on outcomes for Illinois Back Institute patients conducted by Gianni
Maddalozzo, PhD and published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine.

“We have a scientific program that has been found to be very successful
in eliminating the most severe back pain without drugs or surgery,” said
medical director and pain specialist Pratiksha Trivedi, MD. “We want
people who have failed to find relief to know they don’t have to live in
pain any longer.”

The research, published
, shows people suffering chronic nonspecific low back pain can
avoid surgery and addictive painkillers with the Illinois Back
Institute’s integrated protocol consisting of flexibility exercises,
core stability training, functional training, postural exercises and
strengthening exercises. Notably, Illinois Back Institute’s patients
showed twice the improvement as the standard evidence-based treatment
protocol – moving candidates for surgery to normal function within 3

“In short, we go to the sources and causes of the pain,” said Institute
CEO Jeff Winterheimer, DC. “The core of the Illinois Back Institute
treatment for sciatica, stenosis and other causes of persistent,
debilitating back pain relies on our ability to unweight back and do
exercises at the same time.”

Illinois Back Institute’s integrated protocol includes an intensive
schedule of therapy supported by a pain specialist and includes a range
of tools including traction and Whole Body Vibration while avoiding
drugs, surgery or injections.

“Solving for lower back pain requires a patient’s time and effort, but
remains accessible as we put all the providers under one roof,” said
Winterheimer. “We’re seeing great outcomes, and it’s important to
remember that every patient is different. Illinois Back Institute is
committed to customized therapies and education that create permanently
pain free lifestyles.”

The Illinois Back Institute is a specialized clinical organization
dedicated to managing back pain through innovative, non-surgical and
natural treatment methods. The organization has clinic locations in the
greater Chicago area and is a member of the American Pain Society and
the International Society of Clinical Rehabilitation Specialists. Visit
for details on the research and treatment.


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