Indxx LLC Launches Three Thematic Indices, Licensed to Global X Funds for Exchange Traded Funds

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Indxx LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the Indxx Millennials
Thematic Index, Indxx Global Longevity Thematic Index and Indxx Global
Health & Wellness Thematic Index (the “Indices”). The Indices have been
licensed to New York-based ETF provider Global X Funds for their
exclusive use as the underlying benchmarks for the Global X Millennials
Thematic ETF (NASDAQ: MILN), which began trading last Thursday, and the
Global X Longevity Thematic ETF (NASDAQ: LNGR) and Global X Health &
Wellness Thematic ETF (NASDAQ: BFIT), which began trading today.

“We are excited to have developed these indices for Global X Funds by
using the cutting-edge capabilities of our research and analytics
divisions to identify unique trends and properly target them via an
index-based approach,” said Rahul Sen Sharma, Partner at Indxx. “We look
at it as another example of how we distinguish ourselves as a custom
index provider that adds value throughout the index development process.”

About The Indices

The Indxx Millennials Thematic Index measures the performance of U.S.
listed companies that provide exposure to the “Millennial generation.”
The Millennial generation refers to the demographic cohort in the U.S.
with birth years ranging from 1980 to 2000.

The Indxx Global Longevity Thematic Index is designed to track the
performance of companies listed in developed markets that are expected
to directly or indirectly contribute to increasing the lifespans of the
senior population of the world. The index provides access to companies
involved in biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, senior
living facilities and specialized health care services, which respond to
the needs of this demographic.

The Indxx Global Health & Wellness Thematic Index is designed to track
the performance of companies listed in developed markets that provide
products and services aimed at promoting physical wellness through
active and healthy lifestyles, including but not limited to fitness
equipment and technology, athletic apparel, nutritional supplements, and
organic/natural food offerings.

About Indxx

Founded in 2005, Indxx seeks to redefine the global indexing space. With
offices in New York, London and New Delhi, the firm focuses on Index
Development, Index Calculation, Analytics & Research and combines these
services in a holistic, customized approach that is unique to the
industry and provides maximum benefits to our clients.

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