Introducing BumblebeeMD – One Card, Six Sweet Benefits

Family-Focused Telehealth Service Fuses Technology with Trustworthy
Medical Expertise

PLANTATION, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BumblebeeMD–Medical expenses are soaring: insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs
total about $26,000 for the typical working family of four, according
to the most recent McMillian Medical Index. With the cost of telehealth
services about 50 percent lower than visiting a doctor in person, and 95
percent lower than an ER visit, interest in telehealth is growing.

And while much of the growth in telehealth is currently driven by
insurers including
it in their group coverage plans, a new direct-to-consumer telehealth
company, BumblebeeMD,
focuses on meeting the needs of busy individuals and families.

BumblebeeMD aims to take the sting out of healthcare costs and
complexities. With “One Card – Six Benefits,” and after paying a minimal
annual fee, members gain free, unlimited access to a range of
health-focused services, such as consultations with locally-licensed
doctors, medical bill negotiation and more. And they can use all
benefits at their convenience, as often as they choose, and at no extra
charge via phone, computer, or smart device.

“BumblebeeMD is not a replacement for health insurance,” said Jennifer
Stoll, Chief Commercial Officer for BumblebeeMD. “We help members manage
out-of-pocket healthcare costs and provide them with access to experts
to assist them in navigating healthcare’s challenging, and what can be
confusing, landscape.”

Members get the following six convenient, money saving benefits with
their BumblebeeMD card:

  • Teladoc: Members get unlimited access to Teladoc, the leading
    provider of telehealth medical visits in the United States. They can
    discuss symptoms and get treatment from doctors anytime, anywhere for
    colds, flu-like symptoms, allergies, sinus and respiratory infections,
    poison ivy, pink eye, urinary tract infections and ear infections.
  • eDocAmerica: Personalized responses to health and wellness
    questions from board certified physicians, psychologists, pharmacists,
    dentists, dietitians, and fitness experts.
  • NurseLine™: Speak to a registered nurse about medical concerns,
    home health care, managing chronic conditions, doctor’s instructions,
    and medication dosages.
  • Health Advocacy: Assistance in understanding insurance
    benefits, coordinating care, and finding services to support the
    member’s family health and wellness needs
  • Medical Bill Saver™: Skilled negotiation to reduce medical
    bills and out-of-pocket costs. Successful negotiations average a
    25%-50% reduction in medical bills.
  • Health Wealth Connection: Better manage finances, stress, and
    health with the help of experts like Deepak Chopra, Geneen Roth, Dr.
    Mark Hyman and more.

“A typical telemedicine consultation anywhere else can cost upwards of
$40 or more, however BumblebeeMD members do not get charged a consult
fee,” said Stoll. “Not only can they save time and a significant amount
of money, but they can avoid other illnesses by not going to the ER, a
clinic or doctor’s office.”

BumblebeeMD focuses on providing quality, affordable, innovative
healthcare solutions, to enable people to stay healthy, save money and
simply enjoy life.

“Along with on-demand health care for the whole family, members also
have access to many resources. This includes a huge team of health and
wellness experts that they can call on at any time to negotiate medical
bills, advocate on their behalf, and support them in their efforts to
live successful, healthy lives,” said Stoll. “It’s a really sweet deal!”

About BumblebeeMD

BumblebeeMD is “one card with six sweet benefits” that takes the
unnecessary costs and complexities out of modern healthcare, with
benefits that include telehealth, medical bill negotiation and health
advocacy services. Our mission is to make quality, affordable,
innovative healthcare solutions available to everyone, so that families
can spend less time and money on staying healthy and more time simply
enjoying life.


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