Li Tong Group (LTG) Receives US$45 Million Capital Investment from Olympus Capital Asia

Private Equity Firm Partners with LTG to Battle Growing Global
E-waste Challenges

the world’s leading provider of Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM)
services for the technology and telecomm industries, today announced an
investment of US$45 Million from middle market private equity firm
Olympus Capital Asia. The investment will enhance research and
development efforts as well as expand the scope of services LTG offers.

Founded in 2000, LTG specializes in the recovery, re-use and
re-manufacturing processes of both Post-Industrial (PIR) and
Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR) for many of the world’s top Fortune 100
Hi-Tech electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and
consumers. The company provides RSCM services for mobile devices,
information technology and telecommunications equipment products and
components. LTG currently employs more than 1,200 professionals and
operates more than 20 facilities around the world.

“We are pleased to have Olympus join LTG as we continue our commitment
to providing the world with the most commercially and environmentally
sustaining e-waste solutions,” said Linda Li, LTG’s Chief Strategy
Officer. “Olympus’ expertise and network within cleantech and
environmental sectors will be a very important part of LTG’s growth over
the next three years, especially in emerging markets such as India and

The proliferation of electronic and mobile device usage paired with
shortened product lifecycles presents many challenges and opportunities
for repurposing and reusing e-waste. Globally, e-waste resulting from
mobile phones, computers and other IT and telecommunication devices is
expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.3 percent
from 2010 to 2017, reaching 43.8 million tons by the end of 2017. Driven
by stricter regulations governing e-waste management, better
environmental awareness and economic conditions more favorable to
sustainability, it is expected that a greater portion of e-waste will be
reused or recycled. Post-industrial recovery is estimated to be a US$5
billion market, while the post-consumer recycling market is even bigger
at an estimated US$15 billion.

“E-waste represents the fastest growing segment within the recycling
vertical,” said Alexander Lui, Managing Director of Olympus Capital
Asia/Asia Environmental Partners. “LTG is the world’s foremost authority
on reverse supply chain management and is well positioned for high
growth opportunities within the e-waste sector. In particular, the
company has an excellent customer base with partnerships with many of
the world’s leading technology firms and is strategically aligned with
some of the most promising segments within e-waste: the post-industrial
recovery segment; the telecommunications equipment business; and China’s
post-consumer recycling market.”

About LTG

Li Tong Group (LTG) is a global market leader in providing professional
Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) solutions to OEMs, enterprises,
government and consumers for the reuse, remanufacture and recovery (3R)
of both Post-Industrial Recovery (PIR) and Post-Consumer
Recycling (PCR) and hi-tech products and components including mobile
devices, smart devices, big-data network and telecom equipment. In the
past 14 years, LTG has developed a global network of 21 wholly owned
facilities across North America, APAC, EU and MEA, which currently
serves more than 100 customers and employs more than 1,200 people
worldwide. It has an extensive patent portfolio for innovative methods
and automated systems of digital processing and reclamation
technologies. For more information, visit:


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