Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications to Educate on Cell Phone and Wireless Risks

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new education and advocacy group focused on cell phone and wireless
risks, Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications, launched today (

Manhattan Neighbors’ mission is to educate about biological and health
risks from microwave radiation-emitting devices and infrastructure,
while teaching people how to live more prudently with modern

Manhattan Neighbors will include a special focus on risks to children.

The founder of the group, Camilla Rees, MBA, a health researcher,
educator and author, who previously founded,
and is a co-founder of the International EMF Alliance, says,

“Given the density of radiating antennas in Manhattan, and the fact that
most people live in apartments, in close proximity to one another,
impacted by each other’s wireless equipment, education about the risks
and how to minimize exposures in residential areas is of paramount
importance to us all.”

In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for
Research on Cancer classified the radiation from cell phones, wireless
devices and wireless infrastructure as a possible carcinogen. And in
2016, a $25 million dollar study
from the U.S. NIH’s National Toxicology Program confirmed this risk.

Globally, medical doctors and scientists have warned
about wireless risks
for two decades, yet antennas in urban
areas continue to rapidly proliferate, radiating not only where people
live and sleep, but people at jobs in offices and children in schools.

Columbia University’s Martin Blank, PhD represented international
scientists in an Appeal
to the United Nations
in 2015 warning about the risks from
electromagnetic fields, now signed by 224 scientists from 41 nations.
Watch video here.

An overview of the emerging public health issue, The
Wireless Elephant in the Room
by Camilla
Rees, can be read on Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications or
obtained via Amazon.

Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications encourages a serious
dialogue on this emerging public health issue. It seeks to remind us all
of our common values for health and a decent life free from the hazards
of environmental pollution.


Manhattan Neighbor for Safer Telecommunications
Rees, MBA, 917-359-8450 (no texting, please)