Medicare Advantage Members Should Be Watching Mailbox for Important Health Care Packet

MASON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Every year around the end of September, or perhaps a little sooner,
Medicare Advantage (MA) members receive a packet in the mail featuring
important health care information. This packet can be easily overlooked,
but it’s critical to pay attention to it.

In the health care industry, the packet is known concisely as the
ANOC-EOC. This stands for “annual notification of changes” and “evidence
of coverage.” It also generally includes a drug list known as a

This packet, along with a list of participating providers, gives MA
members everything they need to decide whether to keep their current MA
plan or shop for a new one during the upcoming Annual Election Period
(Oct. 15-Dec. 7). It includes the following:

  • The plan’s cost (monthly premium) for the upcoming year
  • Any changes to cost sharing or medical benefits
  • Any changes to prescription drug costs or prescription drug benefits
    (for those enrolled in a prescription drug plan)
  • Any changes to drugs covered in the drug benefit

For the most part, the format of this packet is determined by the
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and is the same
regardless of plan. However, it can be tweaked by plans to make it
easier for members to understand by shading important elements and
eliminating jargon wherever possible. Plans may also make the ANOC-EOC
available online.

Those MA members who review their packet, and are comfortable with its
contents, can keep their current plan by taking no additional action.

“It’s perfectly fine to keep your plan if you are happy with it and
there are no changes,” said Marc Russo, president of Medicare programs
at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s parent company. “But it’s
important for MA members to make an informed decision by reviewing their
ANOC-EOC to make sure their medication is still covered, their doctors
are still in their network, and their cost sharing hasn’t changed.”

Anyone who reads their ANOC-EOC and still has questions regarding their
plan should contact their insurer.

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