MiTu Network to Premiere April 30

Beatriz Acevedo, Founder and President of MiTu Network (,

the new Latino focused digital video platform exclusively dedicated to

lifestyle content, announced its official formation. Currently in its

preview phase, the network will officially launch April 30th,

prior to their Digital Content NewFronts presentation in New York on May

2, 2012. Acevedo founded MiTu with her partner Doug Greiff from

HIP Entertainment Group, along with other investors and Latin

entrepreneurs. HIP Entertainment Group is one of the most influential

companies specializing in the development and production of bilingual

television content in the United States.

MiTu Network was created to cater to the growing Latino demand for

creatively packaged how-to, help-oriented content for bilingual and

bicultural audiences in the US and abroad. With the exploding number of

U.S. Latinos watching video on YouTube, MiTu offers a compelling

alternative to traditional Hispanic programming and media opportunities

for viewers and advertisers. Programming will feature a mix of English

and Spanish language content that will aim to both entertain and be a

resource for Latin audiences focusing content around six key channel

categories: Health, Beauty, Food, Family, Style and Design.

“As a bilingual and bicultural U.S. Latina, there are few networks that

speak to us in a way that we can identify with. Until now, quality,

entertaining content that reflects our way of life has been incredibly

difficult to find. So we set out to create a global network where

Latinos can connect with each other, feel proud, inspired, and properly

represented as the cultural and economic force that we are in this

country,” says Founder and President of MiTu Network, Beatriz Acevedo.

U.S. Hispanics control over a $1 Trillion in purchasing power and

advertisers are scrambling to figure out how to win their favor. “MiTu’s

mix of lifestyle programming, offers an ultra-targeted and highly

engaged audience environment where advertisers can go beyond the

30-second spot. This is a video platform with a very significant social

media component. Our content is organized around audience passion points

and our viewers will be able to actively relate to and interact with our

programming hosts,” said Colombian born Roy Burstin, MiTu’s CEO. “We are

going to be able to give brands a whole new way of engaging Latino

audiences, mixing branded entertainment, online advertising, and social

media conversations.”

By launch, MiTu will feature a variety of more than 30 established

Latino lifestyle channels with a loyal following housed under their

network. Among them are: “Cursos de Maquillaje,” “Ecodaisy,” “Cocina al

Natural,” “My Makeup Corner,“ “La Receta de la Abuelita,” “Fitness Cada

Dia,” among many others. With an aggressive plan to add channels and

programming, MiTu will also feature original series produced by its

award-winning team and starring the next generation of great Latin

chefs, designers, makeup artists, health experts, financial planners,

and more. Shows like “JC’s 3-Ways,” featuring Mexican chef and long time

Bobby Flay collaborator, JC Pavlovich, “Glam Look,” starring celebrity

stylist Elvia Felix, and “Casa Linda,” featuring home design expert and

professional Art Director, Linda Ruiz.

MiTu’s partner channels are hubbed in various cities in the United

States and some others internationally, in countries such as: China,

France, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico; all of them with

strong U.S. based subscribers.

“After years of producing Latin-inspired lifestyle programming for such

TV networks as Food Network, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Home &

Garden Television and others, we saw a tremendous opportunity to bring

our production expertise and advertising relationships to the web, to

join forces with other Latin content creators who share a similar

passion and point-of-view about contemporary Latin/Hispanic culture. Up

until now, there has essentially been an invisible network of Latinos on

YouTube, but they haven’t been organized in a way that makes it easy for

viewers or advertisers to find them,” says Doug Greiff, MiTu’s Chief

Content Officer.

It’s no accident that MiTu network has carved out a position as a

lifestyle network. Latina women are the fastest growing population

segment in the U.S., and currently represent 17% of all females 18-49 in

the U.S., the largest growing consumer market to date in both

traditional and digital platforms. That percentage gets close to 50% in

markets like Los Angeles and Miami. The MiTu network will cater

primarily to Latina women who control the purse strings to the Hispanic

household budget.

About MiTu – MiTu, the 100% Latino lifestyle network, is dedicated to

presenting high-quality lifestyle programming for today’s connected

Latino audience in English and Spanish. The network features real-life

Latino video-makers and is distributed worldwide through YouTube, which

reaches over 800 million monthly unique users. The MiTu network centers

around six content verticals (Health, Beauty, Food, Family, Style and

Design), enabling an ultra-targeted environment for advertisers and

brand integrations. For more information, please visit!/mitunetwork.