Money, Self-Pressure Are Leading Causes of Stress for Canadians

  • Health worries among Canadians rank higher than global average
  • Jobs also factor in, with 19% of Canadians saying they are stressed
    out by daily work expectations
  • Parents, children and spouses become major causes of stress at
    different life stages

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the pressure of Christmas shopping already under way, GfK has
found Canadians are most stressed out by their financial situations.

Findings from a 22-country survey that looked into the major causes of
stress in people’s daily lives found money, self-pressure, and lack of
sleep are the top three major causes of stress for Canadians. These
results align with how the rest of the world feels.

The online study asked over 27,000 consumers to identify major causes of
stress from a given list. Overall, almost three in 10 (29%) people cite
the amount of money that they have to live on, making this the leading
major cause of stress internationally. This is followed by the pressure
that people put upon themselves (27%), not getting enough sleep (23%),
and not having time for the things they want to (22%). The amount of
work people have to get done in the day (cited by 19%) completes the top
five most common major causes of tress internationally.

Japan, Germany relatively free of major stress

The good news is that, overall, three in 10 (30%) people worldwide are
relatively stress-free, saying none of the listed issues are major
causes of stress for them (although many rate these challenges as minor
causes of stress). This “lower-stress” pattern is led by Japan, where
nearly half (48%) of respondents say none of the items is a major cause
of stress. Germany (44%) and The Netherlands and Hong Kong (37%) ranked
second and third on this list of lower-stress countries. The other end
of the scale is held by Turkey, where only one in ten (10%) cited no
major causes of stress, followed by Argentina (12%) and Mexico (13%).

Top five major causes of stress change with age

When looking at different age groups, Canadians aged between 15 and 29
register the pressure they put on themselves as the biggest stress
factor in their lives, while Canadians ages 30 and up worry about money.
For boomers, health jumps to second on the list.

Family also factors in as a major cause of stress for some age groups.
For Canadian teens (15 to 19), their parents are the fifth major cause
of stress; Canadians in their thirties (30 to 39) cite their children;
and Canadians 60 and up consider their spouses stressful.

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About the study

GfK conducted an online survey with over 27,000 consumers aged 15 or
older in 22 countries. Fieldwork was carried out over the summer 2015
and the data have been weighted to reflect the demographic composition
of the online population age 15+ in each market. The countries included
are Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech
Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands,
Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK and USA.

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