Princess House Appoints Direct Selling Veteran Connie Tang First Woman President & CEO

For nearly 50 years, Princess

House has been the gateway for women to become the CEOs of their own

businesses, earn income and promotions with no glass ceiling, and reach

their full potential personally and professionally. So it’s only fitting

that Connie

Tang, a proven entity in the direct sales industry, take the helm to

chart the company’s next 50 years as Princess House’s first woman

President and CEO, effective immediately.

Ms. Tang’s professional career began at Clinique and Lancome, followed

by her tenure at BeautiControl, Inc., an international direct sales

company, where she rose quickly through the ranks to become Vice

President of Special Markets. In this role, she opened international

markets, launched new product lines and developed sales force training

programs. When Tupperware acquired BeautiControl in 2000, Ms. Tang was

assigned to lead the expansion strategy that brought the company into

key global markets in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

In 2008, Ms. Tang joined JAFRA Cosmetics International, a world-renowned

direct selling company. As President of JAFRA USA, she led corporate

employees in California and Texas and supported more than 55,000

independent Sales Consultants in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Additionally,

Ms. Tang developed dynamic strategies and initiatives to create market

growth while leveraging already established penetration and strength in

multi-ethnic market segments in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican

Republic. As a JAFRA Management Board Member, she guided the company’s

development in 10 global markets, including Russia, Brazil, Mexico and


“I’m a tried and true believer of the power of direct sales to enable

women from all walks of life to become their best selves,” Ms. Tang

remarked. “With the rich legacy that Princess House has built in

providing superior product and income opportunities to tens of thousands

of women and families, I look forward to building on our success and

growth as we enter our next 50 years. It’s an exciting time to move

Princess House forward by reaching out to women who want more and want

to be more.”

About Princess House

Princess House is a premier direct selling company dedicated to

empowering people to start flexible, home-based businesses through the

sale of superior-quality cookware, bakeware, serveware and storage

products. An organization that values diversity, the company provides

life-enhancing opportunities to people throughout the United States,

including a growing base of Latina Consultants. Headquartered in

Taunton, MA, Princess House celebrates its 50th anniversary

in 2013 and is on track to introduce the benefits of its products and

business opportunities to more people everywhere over the next 50 years

and beyond. For more information, please visit