Silky Vietnam is Making a Big Step in Ethical Movement of Fashion Industry

Silky Vietnam brings luxury organic yoga clothing made of ZERO
chemicals to customers for the first time

HANOI, Vietnam–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Silky Vietnam, one of the leading ethical fashion brands in Vietnam,
today announced the launch of their first yoga clothing line Silky 2.0,
made with 100% organic silk and plant-based dyes. The new collection was
created specifically for women who have a strong belief in connecting
their body to their soul in the practice of yoga.

Made of 100% organic silk – nature’s luxurious gift with a touch of the
most prominent Parisian designers – and authentically dyed with advanced
technology, Silky embraces every inch of the body while allowing yogi to
extend stretches to achieve one’s full potentials. Indeed, while
stretching or bending, the silk thread supports the hydrogen bonding,
which reinforces each other against outside forces, giving silk such
extensibility and strength. Moreover, Silky’s special threading
technique further brings stretch ability and durability of Silk to a
whole new level. If you are either a yogi or a fashionista, then Silky
2.0 may be the perfect product designed just for you.

One special thing about this yoga wear is it was designed to be worn
from the gym to the street. Silky 2.0 has a range of unique
characteristics, from antibacterial, antifungal and anti-UV to
breathable for sensitive skin, anti-aging and most importantly,
odor-free. Its classy look combined with its special composition allows
women to rush from one yoga session to a date without compromising looks
and feeling their best. Silky’s design is so versatile that you can
mix-match with different outfits from the gym to the street – something
tight pants can hardly offer. Besides, with their lightweight,
breathable quality, Silky uniforms are also easier to wash and dry
quickly. Although Silky uses only the finest organic silk in its yoga
wear, the average price point ranges from $55 to $105 per piece because
there is no luxury mark up on its products. Best of all, interested
customers can grab a chance to own the product via our Kickstarter
campaign, featuring 20% discounts and many gifts when backing Silky now.

About Silky: Silky Vietnam is a Hanoi-based environmentally friendly and
ethical startup working closely and fairly with partners to ensure the
impact of fashion hazard on the environment is at its absolute minimum.
In order to make it happen, Silky needs to start with the active
participation and support of its ethical consumers. Support Silky at


Silky Vietnam
Chi Lan