Tanaqro Launches an International Division for Online Gothic & Lolita Thrift Shop “Wunderwelt”

A new service offering 5,000 yen discount for international
shipping fee starts on September 25th, 2015

SAITAMA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Online Gothic & Lolita thrift shop “Wunderwelt
managed by Tanaqro Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their
international division to improve the quality of service among customers
in foreign countries, and starts a new service that gives you a discount
of 5,000 yen for international shipping fee on September 25th, 2015.

Since Wunderwelt launch in November 2014, many customers have used this
service while its Facebook
page has gotten over ninety thousand Likes. Due to an increase in
customers in the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia, Tanaqro has
established international division in Wunderwelt department. Tanaqro is
also currently building a new system to deal with our customers’ orders
smoothly by our foreign staff.

Wunderwelt online shop has an English page of shopping guide and we are
dispatching information via our blog,
and Twitter
in English and some other languages.

Tanaqro President, Junya Tanaka, has said, “Since starting the
Wunderwelt business, I have felt the true sense of the Gothic and Lolita
culture from abroad. By taking advantage of starting a foreign branch, I
wish to further make access easier to Gothic & Lolita culture for
foreign customers abroad. Also, in order to strengthen our businesses
abroad, I wish to assertively engage in hiring foreigners as well as
have contracts with partners in those local business.”


About new service



  When your purchase price is over 50,000 yen at Wunderwelt, we will
give you a discount of 5,000 yen for international shipping fee.
Start date :

September 25th, 2015 (Fri)


About “Wunderwelt
online shop that you can purchase and sell gothic and lolita clothes.
sells gothic and lolita clothes and fashion items (bags, headdresses,
etc.) by famous brands and indie brands from a wide variety of genres
(Ama-loli (Sweet lolita), Hime-loli (Princess lolita), Classical lolita,
Gothic lolita, etc.)
It also purchases secondhand clothes and
fashion items.

About Tanaqro

Founded in April of 2012 and based in SAITAMA, Japan,
Tanaqro runs the e-commerce site, “BBL
”, a Burberry specialty shopping site, and “Wunderwelt”,
a shopping site of secondhand Gothic & Lolita fashion, and “KASHI
”, a sharing service of men’s fashion, mainly necktie.


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