Texas – Get a Jumpstart on Being Organized in 2015

Use Texas.gov to take care of your government business online

With the new year upon us, Texas.gov is a great way to meet your resolution of being more organized. In just a few simple clicks and at your leisure, you can take care of many government tasks online with the assurance that the transaction will be quick, easy, and secure. While Texas.gov offers more than one thousand online services, here are a few of our most popular:

  • Driver License Renewal – Many Texans are eligible to renew their license online instead of making a trip to the office. As one recent user of the online service said, “Love it!! Sure beats standing in lines at the office!”
  • Vehicle Registration Renewal – You have to do it every year, so make it easy on yourself and renew one of our state’s 22 million vehicles online.
  • Vital Records – In other words, you can safely order birth and death certificates and marriage or divorce verifications online. The Texas.gov price of $22 is the same as a mail or walk-in order, and oftentimes much less expensive than a third-party service.
  • Driver Records – If you need a driver record for your job or for insurance purposes, Texas.gov has you covered. Just head online to print one yourself.
  • Park Reservations – It’s never too early to make your reservation in a beautiful Texas state park.
  • Commissary Purchases & Deposits – Family and friends of those incarcerated in a TDCJ facility can purchase commissary items and make trust fund deposits online.
  • Professional License Renewals – We make it simple for accountants, insurance agents, nurses, physicians, teachers, and other professionals to renew online. If your job requires a license or certification, stay compliant with Texas.gov.

And remember, in order to safely take care of your government business online, beware of unofficial, look-alike websites operated by private organizations that may charge unnecessary fees for services or information. Instead, make sure you are using the State’s official website, www.texas.gov, or an official state agency website to complete your online transaction. To access an official website, enter the URL in the address bar at the top of your Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) instead of entering the address in a search engine bar (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). Also look for the .gov or .state.tx.us extension which will be present in the URLs of all official Texas state government websites.

About Texas.gov

Texas.gov is the official website of the State of Texas (www.texas.gov) and is a collaborative public/private partnership managed by the Department of Information Resources (DIR). Texas.gov helps state and local government entities web-enable their services and operates without tax funds through a partnership between the State and Texas NICUSA, LLC. Texas NICUSA builds, operates, maintains, and markets Texas.gov and is part of eGovernment firm NIC’s (NASDAQ: EGOV) family of companies. Since its launch in 2000, Texas.gov has securely processed more than 234 million financial transactions and collected more than $32 billion on behalf of participating entities.

About NIC

Founded in 1992, NIC (NASDAQ: EGOV) is the nation’s leading provider of official government websites, online services, and secure payment processing solutions. The company’s innovative eGovernment services help make government more accessible to everyone through technology. The family of NIC companies provides eGovernment solutions for more than 3,500 federal, state, and local in the United States. Forbes has named NIC as one of the “100 Best Small Companies in America” five times, most recently ranked at No.11 (2013), and the company has been included four times on the Barron’s 400 Index. Additional information is available at http://www.egov.com.