The National Association of Divorce Professionals: Changing the Way Families Experience Divorce

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#childrenofdivorce–In the near future divorce experiences for families can be drastically
different thanks to a movement among some trail-blazers who believe
families going through divorce should have a softer, gentler landing.

The National Association of Divorce Professionals is leading this
movement. NADP’s in-person and online platform brings together all
divorce industry professionals who believe in educating and networking
with each other in order to better serve their clients.

Whether its conscious uncoupling, mediation or litigation, NADP chapter
founders and members believe that a smoother transition is possible for
those divorcing.

“It takes a village to get a couple divorced,” says NADP Co-Founder
Vicky Townsend. “We bring that village together.”

The NADP creates a unique collaborative environment. At monthly
meetings, chapter members share their expertise with each other through
presentations called “NADP EDTalks.” For example, an attorney learns
from an accountant how recent tax changes may affect their client. Or, a
real estate professional learns from a psychologist the affects that
staging a home may have on a couple’s young children.

In fact, psychotherapist and NADP Boca chapter member, Alexia McLeod,
recently applied knowledge she gained during an “NADP EDTalk” to assist
a client through a difficult situation.

“My patient was having a difficult time coping with the stress of her
finances. I was able guide her to ask the right questions in regards to
her divorce settlement and capital gains taxes. She took my referral and
had the property analyzed. This advice kept her from ending up with a
tax liability.”

“If we, as an industry, can help couples get through divorce with as
little damage to their relationship as possible, we can save the next
generation,” says NADP Aventura Chapter Director and Family
Mediator, Denis Tamir.

“Children are always the collateral effect of everything in divorce.
That’s why we must work together to change the experience of divorce for
all involved,” says NADP Co-founder and Communication Skills Coach, Liz
Becker. “Already, both NADP members and the families they serve are
benefiting from this synergy.”


NADP has chapters in Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Coral Gables, Boca Raton
and West Palm Beach and will soon be expanding nationwide. It
has monthly meetings and an online platform. To learn more visit


Media Relations:
Vicky Townsend or Liz Becker,