Vitality Rewards Consumers for Healthy Food Purchases through NutriSavings’ Growing National Network of Grocery Stores

NEWTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–To encourage people to make healthy food choices, Vitality, part of the
world’s longest-standing and largest incentive-based workplace health
promotion and prevention program, rewards members when grocery shopping.
NutriSavings connects the purchase information from Vitality members’
loyalty cards, so they can take advantage of the program at over 12,000
participating grocery stores.

A wellness solution to encourage healthy eating, NutriSavings provides
Vitality members with healthy product incentives and savings, including
educational information about the nutritional quality of their grocery

“Getting people to improve their nutrition habits is no easy task and
we’re working with NutriSavings to make it even easier for members to
make better grocery choices and earn rewards,” said Alan Pollard, CEO
for The Vitality Group. “By incentivizing members with the ability to
earn points in our programs by making healthy choices we hope to change
shopping behavior toward purchasing more nutritious foods.”

How It Works

Vitality members simply connect their loyalty cards from participating
grocery stores to the NutriSavings platform. Member purchase information
is then scored and reported by NutriSavings. Items that meet set
Vitality standards – such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean
proteins and low-fat dairy products – will qualify as healthy and
members will accrue points per item. These points are then redeemable
for rewards.

Guidelines for Vitality’s nutrition initiatives are based on healthy
eating and disease prevention principles from groups including The World
Health Organization, U.S. Department of Agriculture, American Heart
Association, and the Harvard School of Public Health, in addition to
recommendations from registered dietitians and relevant scientific

Based on these criteria and NutriSavings’ scoring system, more than
120,000 foods have a rating between zero and 100, with foods rated the
highest considered most nutritious. In order to be considered a Vitality
HealthyFood an item needs to have a NutriSavings score of 85 or above
and comply with additional selected criteria such as a food’s sugar, fat
and fiber content.

“Improving healthy eating impacts the entire family and our
collaboration with Vitality further bolsters our endeavors to help
families modify their behaviors towards health improvement and disease
prevention,” said Niraj Jetly, COO for NutriSavings.

A complete list of included grocery stores can be viewed at

About NutriSavings

NutriSavings is an online ecosystem where employers, health plans, food
and beverage companies, and produce growers join forces to educate
employers and their families on proper nutrition, while helping to
reduce the enormous costs associated with obesity and chronic illnesses.
The NutriSavings program is the first measurable nutrition benefit
solution that is designed to change shopping behavior and incentivize
healthy food purchases by rewarding members for their healthy purchases.
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About Vitality

Vitality Group
is a member of Discovery Ltd., a global financial
services organization offering an incentive-based wellness program to
employers as part of their benefits program. With a foundation based on
actuarial science and behavioral economic theory, Vitality encourages
changes in lifestyle that reduce health care costs, both in the short
run and long term, by rewarding members for addressing their specific
health issues. Vitality wellness programs serve companies in a wide
range of sizes and industries, improving individuals’ health and
well-being as well as employers’ bottom lines.

Vitality brings a global perspective through successful partnerships
with large employers and best-in- class insurers around the world, in
countries including the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa,
China, Singapore and Australia. Follow on Twitter:


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