Wedge Holdings: Secured an Exclusive Contract with Mongolian Comic Artist, Mr. Erdenebayar

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wedge Holdings CO., LTD. (JASDAQ:2388) is pleased to announce that we
secured an exclusive management contract with Mr. Nambaral Erdenebayar.
He is a Mongolian who is the most famous and pioneering comic artist in

He was born in 1984, now 32 years old. He started drawing comics in 2004
and made a debut with a work titled “300 Tayichiud.” In 2011, his work
titled “Bongo” became a big hit and its characters became Mongol’s
national representatives.

He holds a personal belief that he wants to tell the lifestyle and
history of Mongolians as a nomad race and also express their pride and
points of view to next generations and people all over the world. In
Mongol, he is not only famous for being an artist of satirical comics on
social and political issues, but also a leader in a field of comic art.

He is currently working on a series of “Bumbardai.” The story is about
5-year-old boy named “Bumbardai” who growing up as a nomad race. The
story introduces lives of nomad race through his interactions with many
people and issues confronting his growth.

“Bumbardai” was received the highest award at 8th
international Manga Award in 2015 hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of Japan. It was the first time ever to give an award to Mongolian work.
Since February of 2017, the series has been broadcasted on TV in Mongol
and achieves high popularity.

We have actively interacted and communicated with Mr. Erdenebayar and
Nordic Comic group (Mongol NGO) which acts as his agent. We have signed
a contract with him since we strongly feel attracted to his talent and
genuinely empathize for his philosophy and attitude that he shows on his

We will wholeheartedly support and market Mr. Erdenebayar and his works
to all over the world. We hope you are looking forward to his future

Reference “Bumbardai” animation movie on TV:


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