Which School Will Be Crowned “Champion for Best Value” in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament?

Nitro has done some digging on the real cost of college, and the
findings are surprising!

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FinalFour–It’s come down to the last four teams. This coming weekend, teams from
the University of North Carolina, University of South Carolina,
University of Oregon and Gonzaga University will face off in the
semi-finals and finals of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. But
forget the basketball. What parents and graduating high school seniors
really want to know is: Which of these four schools offer the best value
when it comes to striking a tuition check?

That’s not easy to determine. Colleges and universities are notorious
for hiding their real costs by using “premium pricing” in the form of
high tuition costs to create “value” in the mind of consumers. But those
advertised prices don’t usually reflect the real costs, which are offset
by scholarships and other aid meant to attract students. An analysis
performed by Nitro,
an online source to help students and parents pay for college, found
that on average, schools in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
discount their advertised price a whopping 40 percent. That holds true
even in the semi-finals, though some schools are more generous than
others. North Carolina discounts an average of 54 percent off its
advertised tuition and fees, while South Carolina’s discount of 28
percent is only half that.

Nitro’s analysis started with the advertised annual costs of each
school’s tuition and other expenses. Then, dug deep into publically
available, but hard to access data, on school scholarships and other
financial aid to determine the absolute best deals in college education.
For simplicity, we used in-state tuitions—figuring many alumni stay
close to home.

In the semi-finals, South Carolina handily beats Gonzaga. As the only
private school in the final round, Gonzaga is at a huge disadvantage.
Gonzaga might offer a 36 percent discount, but with a starting
advertised cost of $48,530, that only brings its average net cost of
college down to $31,269. A year at South Carolina is over $13,000 less
expensive than at Gonzaga.

The second semi-final match-up pits North Carolina against Oregon. Since
both are public universities, it was a much closer match. Oregon’s 42
percent discount is above average, but North Carolina comes into the
game leading the field with a 54 percent discount. Does that give North
Carolina enough of an edge against Oregon to deliver a lower net cost of
a college education?

To see how the match-ups play out, in terms of net cost of college, for
both the semi-finals and the finals, as well as a look at the entire 64
team bracket, click here: https://www.nitrocollege.com/blog/what-school-is-the-best-value-in-the-ncaa-mens-basketball-tournament.

We already know South Carolina is in the final. Does the number one
seeded North Carolina also make it into the final game and who will end
up being crowned the Champion for Best Value?

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