With U.S. Gas Prices at Six-Year Lows, FuelFox Helps Businesses and Municipalities Lock in Fuel Rates

Innovative, new gasoline and diesel price protection program takes
the uncertainty out of volatile fuel prices with a predictable,
locked-in rate for up to 12 months

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As U.S. drivers pay the lowest fuel prices at the pump since 2010, a
Connecticut-based company is offering organizations an innovative way to
ensure that what goes down does not go up again, at least for up to 12
months. Energy Solutions Group LLC today announced the launch of FuelFox,
a new gasoline and diesel price protection program which offers price
certainty on wholesale fuel prices for up to one year. FuelFox program
participants operate business as usual – fueling up their vehicles at
any gas station or retail outlet — but with the peace of mind of a
predictable, locked-in rate.

“For any organization with a fleet of vehicles, fuel can be a
significant variable cost,” said Chaitu Parikh, Chief Operating Officer.
“Our FuelFox program empowers businesses and municipalities to transform
an unknown into a known, and in the process, improve the accuracy of
long-term budgets and forecasts. Of course, no one knows for certain how
fuel prices will shift but with rates at multi-year lows, now is an
opportune time to leverage FuelFox to take the guesswork out of changing
gas and diesel prices.”

On average, a fleet that consumes 20,000 gallons of gas per month will
pay an extra $30,000 per year if wholesale fuel prices increase just 10
percent. Although fuel prices overall are still at levels not seen in
six years, AAA
reported on February 29
that the national average price of gasoline
was up four cents per gallon in just one week and is likely to continue
to rise as the spring refinery maintenance season ramps up.

“Businesses and organizations don’t have to accept whatever retail rate
is being charged for gasoline or diesel fuel,” Parikh explained. “We’re
pleased to offer a smarter choice when it comes to price certainty at
the pump.”

Municipalities, school districts or any business interested in learning
more about FuelFox can visit www.fuelfox.com
or email info@fuelfox.com for
additional information.

About FuelFox

FuelFox is an innovative gasoline and diesel price protection program
that helps organizations take the uncertainty out of volatile fuel
prices. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, FuelFox is offered by
Energy Solutions Group LLC, a member of the Crius Energy family of
brands. For more information, visit www.fuelfox.com.


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