Natural Cycles: Women Can Now Track Their Fertility with Apple Watch

Natural Cycles aims to elevate fertility awareness into women’s
everyday lives with its Apple Watch app.

STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Knowing when to get pregnant may be one of the most important pieces of
personal health information. Yet, a recent study conducted on 3,000 men
and women across the US, UK and Sweden, reveals that less than 30% are
aware of how the female body works1.

Natural Cycles, the clinically-tested fertility app, aims to change that
and today announced the launch of their Apple Watch app. Women will now
be able to access the key features of the Natural Cycles app on their
Apple Watch, such as seeing their current fertility status (red and
green circles), receiving personalized messages and even add today’s
data using the digital crown.

‘One’s fertility is something really intimate. We are humbled and
proud that Natural Cycles is the preferred fertility monitor of so many
women across the globe. With Apple Watch we have the missing piece of
the puzzle, bringing our app closer to women, making it a natural part
of her everyday routine and ensuring that she is always informed about
her fertility status,’ says Natural Cycles’
CTO & co-founder Elina
Berglund Scherwitzl.

This is how Natural Cycles works: a woman wakes up in the morning,
measures her temperature in her mouth and enters it into the app. A
proprietary algorithm analyzes the data and returns to the user a red or
a green day depending on whether she is fertile. A green day is to 99.9%
not fertile according to clinical studies.2 During red days,
the woman may be fertile. A year after launching the app, Natural Cycles
already has 100,000 users, also called Cyclers, in 90 countries, with
the majority living in the Nordics, Brazil, US and Germany. On average,
Cyclers use the app five out of seven days per week and it appeals to
women who want to take control over their fertility by understanding how
their unique cycles work.

‘This is probably one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my life!
I’m now starting my sixth month with Natural Cycles. I take my
temperature every morning and add the data to the app. I’m so happy with
it, and I love how it natural is! I actually look forward to the
personal in-app messages. They’re full of information and always put a
smile on my face’,
says My Annika, a 29-year-old Cycler from Sweden.
Julia, a 22 year old Cycler from California writes: ‘I’m using
Natural Cycles to avoid getting pregnant. In the future, I’ll switch to
plan a pregnancy. After 3 months, I’ve already learned so much about my

Natural Cycles is available to download from the App Store, requires iOS
6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and now
Apple Watch.

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About Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles was founded by husband and wife, Elina Berglund and Raoul
Scherwitzl. With PhD’s in physics, they applied their mathematical
techniques to developing the Natural Cycles algorithm. Elina was a
researcher at CERN and was one of the physicists that discovered the
Higgs Boson, which lead to the Nobel Prize in 2013. The Natural Cycles
app was launched in August 2014 with a mission to educate and empower
women to take control of their fertility and future around a vision
where every pregnancy is wanted. Beyond the app offerings, the company
advances scientific research in the field of contraception.

1 Survey with 1000 respondents in each of the countries; UK,
US, Sweden. Conducted in July 2015 by Natural Cycles.

2 Berglund Scherwitzl, E. et al (2014). Identification and
Prediction of the Fertile Window by Natural Cycles. European Journal of
Contraception and Reproductive Health Care, 2015


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CEO & co-founder
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