title – Assets Of Struggling CityDeals.com Acquired By Water Parks Owner. Wait, What?

summ - Assets Of Struggling CityDeals.com Acquired By Water Parks Owner. Wait, What?

CityDeals.com, one of probably far too many online daily deal sites, has been acquired by Seven Peaks, which owns and operates a number of water parks in the United States.

Turns out CityDeals.com recently decided to call it quits, leaving merchants and customers alike hanging.

Seven Peaks was one of the company’s creditors, and decided that the business should live to die another day. They recently stepped up to the plate and acquired CityDeals’ assets – but not its liabilities – for an undisclosed sum.

Seven Peaks says it was a longtime CityDeals customer, and a satisfied one at that. The company plans to continue to operate the daily deals site going forward.

Furthermore, Seven Peaks says it is currently working with merchants to ensure all deals sold online to date through CityDeals will be honored, and also working out arrangements to take care of any merchants that have been awaiting payment from CityDeals.

Dear Seven Peaks, there’s an expression in Dutch that goes like this: schoenmaker, blijf bij je leest. I have no idea what the closest equivalent expression in English sounds like, but it’s probably something like this: stick with what you know.

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