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Even the most sizzling affair cools off eventually, so don't fret. It's not the end. Overview Do what it takes to get your message out there -- even if you have to go a little crazy or show off in some outrageous way. Things are looking up for you, but only if you're willing to push it.

After two days of unusual challenges, you will now be dealing primarily with Gemini Moon for most of this weekend. Following a skirmish of 135-degrees between Mercury and Ceres (12:25AM PDT) – an alignment that tends to decrease productivity for several hours – the Moon in Taurus starts a short, void uncertainty cycle at 3:52AM PDT that lasts until 7:16AM PDT. Finish old business on a high note during the void-of-course Moon cycle. Once the Moon shifts into airy Gemini (7:16AM PDT), you can soar like an eagle in arts, crafts, literary pursuits and beloved hobbies. Try your hand at limericks, rhyming poetry or haiku. Play a few tunes on a favorite musical instrument. Fly a kite or toss the Frisbee around. Light-hearted games and good fun are always a welcome accompaniment for the lunar orb in the third sign of the zodiac. On the shadow side, watch out for a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde approach to life where having a split-personality seems par for the course. If you want to dive into computer work or technological research, the Moon joins forces with Uranus via a supportive, 60-degree connection (10:54AM PDT). Take advantage of the fact that the cosmos is going cold turkey on the hard stuff for 24 hours, and keeping major aspects waiting in the wings until tomorrow and Monday.

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