Tiger Woods Declines to Add to Caddie Controversy

Tiger Woods Declines to Add to Caddie Controversy New York Post) - Tiger Woods opted for the high road Wednesday, refusing to be drawn into a war of words with his former caddie, Steve Williams. Read more: http://www.myfoxaustin.com/dpps/sports/golf/tiger-woods-declines-to-add-to-caddie-controversy-dpgonc-20110810-to_14513676#ixzz1b8gq86zH

In his PGA Championship press conference, Woods was asked for the first time about Williams’ disparaging comments following Adam Scott’s victory at last week’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

But Woods refused to be drawn into a verbal spat with Williams, who caddied for Scott, instead revealing he texted his former caddie after Scott’s win to congratulate him.

“I was happy to see Stevie and Adam win,” Woods said. “Adam has been a friend of mine, and the same with Stevie. I sent Stevie a nice text after [completion of play] congratulating him on his win. It was good to see them go out there and play as well as they did.”

When asked if he and Williams have corresponded since Williams’ Sunday rant, in which he claimed Scott’s victory was “the most satisfying win” of his career, Woods said, “I think that’s between Stevie and myself.”

Williams apologized to Scott on his website after several golfers accused the caddie of breaking a cardinal rule by stealing the spotlight from his player.

“My emotions following Adam’s victory were running very high and at the time I felt like my emotions poured out and got the better of me,” Williams said in the statement. “I apologise to my fellow caddies and professionals for failing to mention Adam’s outstanding performance.”

Williams also disputed Woods’ version of how he was fired during the AT&T National event in July, claiming it did not go down “man to man” as Woods said, but actually took place during a phone conversation in June.

Woods manager Mark Steinberg on Monday ripped Williams, saying Woods’ version is the truth and that Williams was out of line making his statements.

Steinberg and Williams were spotted speaking to each other in the Atlanta Athletic Club practice area ahead of the PGA Championship, spurring speculation there might be a thaw to the cold war.

Woods refused to elaborate on what was said between Williams and Steinberg, saying only this through clenched teeth, “They talked, yeah, absolutely. They talked. You’re right, yeah.”

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