Health Happens When You Get Connected

Health Happens when families have access to the information and resources they need to get ahead. That is why I am thrilled that La Opinión teamed up once again with The California Endowment to produce the latest WE Connect Supplement.

The 24 page bilingual supplement connects readers with information about vital resources that may help them lead healthier, more financially secure lives. From CalFresh to affordable care options, there is something for everyone who picks up or downloads a copy. It is so important for Californians to learn about what is available to them and where they can go for help and that is exactly what the supplement does.

This year’s issue also offers additional information about the Affordable Care Act, the new health law. Families and small businesses need to know what key provisions and benefits are available to them. The supplement helps outline what the law means for families now and what’s coming up.

The resources featured in the supplement can make a critical difference in a family’s life and that’s why including profile stories continues to be a great aspect of our work. Abigail’s story is like many of Californians who are facing foreclosure.

For her, the Keep Your Home program gave her the help she needed to save her home. Zoraida took advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit when she filed her taxes and got back a federal refund of over $4,000 when she filed her taxes for free at a WE Connect event. Daniela’s story will hopefully encourage college students to seek out the financial aid programs that helping to cover her education expenses.

During these tough economic times, it is more important than ever before that Californians get the support they need and our hope is that this supplement will serve as resource. I look forward to continuing to work with The Endowment and WE Connect to reach and serve families across our state.