Power to the people…Latino voter drives are in full effect

Power to the people…Latino voter drives are in full effect
Foto: La Opinion

Latinos are at 50 million and growing in the United States and analysts predict that nuestra gente will be the deciding force in the 2012 elections.

With that power to influence, voting should be a no brainer. Not registered? These organizations will lead you in the right direction. Now, go, get your civic participation on…

Mobilize the Vote

This voter registration effort by the National Council of La Raza includes everything from signing people up to monitoring the polls. They’re focused on mobilizing voters in key 2012 states, including Florida and Pennsylvania. Their website provides info about the voting process and allows people to register.

Ya es Hora!

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, acting with partners like Impremedia, is once again rolling out Ya es Hora. This multi-phased campaign is a battle cry to get all Latinos involved in the U.S. political process. Their focus is on helping immigrants become naturalized citizens and then register to vote.

Voto Latino

Co-founded by actress Rosario Dawson, the organization’s mission is to bring Latinos to the political table and ensure that their issues are addressed. Their mantra is simple: “American issues are Latino issues.” At their Power Summit in LA this April, Voto Latino is expected to debut a new tool for online registration.

Movimiento Hispano

The power of the vote has united the Hispanic Federation, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement and the League of United Latin American Citizens to register 200,000 new voters by the end of 2012.