Is ‘China’ Suarez, David Bisbal’s new love?

Latino showbiz has a brand new, sexy couple. After weeks of rumors, the Argentinian actress Eugenia Suarez (known as China), has confirmed her relationship with…
Is ‘China’ Suarez, David Bisbal’s new love?

‘China’ Suarez and David Bisbal share a picture on Instagram of their new video,”Hoy.”(Instagram)

Latino showbiz has a brand new, sexy couple. After weeks of rumors, the Argentinian actress Eugenia Suarez (known as China), has confirmed her relationship with David Bisbal.

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The spark between the two artists came during the filming of Bisbal’s video ‘Hoy’ starring Eugenia.

The mutual attraction was immediate, and they didn’t hesitate to share photographs of the video shoot. Then, ‘A Wonderful Day’ was posted by David with a picture with Eugenia. Since then, both have used social media to make their mutual admiration public.

Eugenia Suarez: “I am very happy and in a great moment of my life”

It was a few days ago when Eugenia was a guest on a show on the radio station “La Diez Once.”

When the host asked her about her relationship with Bisbal, she replied:

“Yes, I am very well, very happy and in a great moment in my life I am in harmony with everything.”

They have a long-distance relationship, though. Eugenia confesses she’s happy living in Buenos Aires, where she is a big star. Her new boyfriend will not make her leave her career behind, so for now they will have to embark on many a plain-ride. “I am very happy in my country, where I work a lot,” said China during the radio show.

She also took the opportunity to publicly praise her boyfriend:

“He’s very talented and everyone likes him, I think he’s a very good singer and a good role model.” When asked if she is ready for Bisbal to dedicate a song to her, she gracefully replied that “in a couple of months or years, I will tell you.”

Successful artists and parents

Eugenia Suarez is a 21 year-old actress and model known for her role in the teen series Casi Angeles and the band formed in the wake of the show, Teen Angels.

The couple not only share a successful career, but the fact that both of them are parents. Despite her youth, Eugenia has a daughter, Rufina, from her relationship with actor Nicolas Cabre, a romance that ended in 2013. David also has a daughter, Ella, from his relationship with Elena Tablada. Since they parted, the Spanish artist has not maintained any serious relationship.

On numerous occasions he has stated to the press that he’s open to love and he does not put any conditions on the woman of his dreams. Will Eugenia be Bisbal’s ‘The One’?

David Bisbal, award for his career in his native Almeria

This week, Bisbal is in Spain, where he’s rocking out on his summer concert tour. A few days ago he received an award at the Mediterranean and Tourism Gala in Almería, his hometown. This is a recognition that makes him very happy. “It has been an honor to receive this award in my country,” he said.

Since finishing in second place on Star Academy’s first edition (Operacion Triunfo in Spain) in 2001, David Bisbal has become one of the most beloved artists in Spain. He’s a great example of how perseverance and talent can turn the singer of a small orchestra into a mass idol among the Latino world.

Now we just wish to see him happily in love for a long time. Our best wishes to Eugenia and David!

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