Shia LaBeouf to undergo treatment for alcohol addiction

Last week Shia LaBeouf had a run-in with law enforcement when he attended a “Cabaret” performance. According to the police report, the “Transformers” actor was…

Shia LaBeouf seeks treatment for alcoholism. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Last week Shia LaBeouf had a run-in with law enforcement when he attended a “Cabaret” performance. According to the police report, the “Transformers” actor was being belligerent toward the performers and even lit up a cigarette in the middle of the theater.

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The report goes on to indicate that LaBeouf was intoxicated at the time of the incident, and he was officially charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and harassment.

In light of his recent behavior and his history of alcohol addiction, LaBeouf’s representatives indicate the actor will voluntarily seek treatment for alcohol addiction, though the process is not be be confused with entering rehab.

“He understands that these recent actions are a symptom of a larger health problem and he has taken the first of many necessary steps towards recovery,” read the statement from Shia LaBeouf’s representatives. “Contrary to previous erroneous reports, Shia LaBeouf has not checked into a rehabilitation facility but he is voluntarily receiving treatment for alcohol addiction.”

What is the difference between alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation?

No rehab for Shia LaBeouf, just addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment vs. rehabilitation (Shutterstock)

 The primary difference between alcohol addiction treatment and entering a rehabilitation facility is “inpatient” versus “outpatient.” According to, rehabilitation is a word used most commonly to describe inpatient treatment. This is for individuals with serious substance addictions who may experience life-threatening or painful withdrawal symptoms.

Those in rehabilitation are admitted to a facility where they stay day and night with medical staff that are able to monitor vital signs and progress. Those struggling to overcome addiction in a rehabilitation setting will also have the benefit of on-hand medications to ease symptoms and help recovery.

Shia LaBeouf is seeking alcohol addiction treatment, which means he is taking steps to overcome his alcoholism on an outpatient basis. With this form of treatment he will make regularly scheduled visits to a treatment facility, undergoing a number of therapies including multidimensional family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as using positive reinforcement and motivational interviewing.

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The goal with many alcohol addiction treatment programs is to prepare the individual for situations that are likely to arise where they could potentially slip back into their addiction. As an in-demand Hollywood actor, Shia LaBeouf must learn to not only imbibe in moderation, but to gracefully avoid situations where he will exposed to unlimited excess of alcohol.

At this time it is not known if LaBeouf’s treatment will be able to fully help the actor recover. This is not the first time the actor has indicated he was taking actions toward defeating alcoholism; for several years he indicated to the public he attended regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Those attempts at recovery, however, were peppered with failures.

In 2013, Reuters reported that LaBeouf not only was frequently seen intoxicated from his then-favorite beverage, moonshine, he was also dabbling in harder substances like LSD.