6 burger joints to check out in Buenos Aires

When we talk hamburgers, we automatically think of the United States. If there’s an emblematic American dish, this is it. However, the origin of the…
6 burger joints to check out in Buenos Aires

Burger Joint is just one of many top hamburger restaurants you’ll encounter in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Burger Joint)

When we talk hamburgers, we automatically think of the United States. If there’s an emblematic American dish, this is it. However, the origin of the hamburger lies on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Germany. German merchants brought it from the east when they had a taste of what the Mongols ate; marinated raw ground beef.

Eventually, German immigrants departing from Hamburg to the United States brought the burger to this side of the Atlantic Ocean, and the rest is history.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, didn’t stay behind in savoring the delicious preparation. How could they not? Argentina is famous for its beef!

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There are many places where you can find hamburgers, from big chains such as Mc Donald’s to modest local restaurants.

Our top 6 picks focus on the best spots in Buenos Aires to enjoy a hamburger.

Lo de Carlitos: Several venues in Buenos Aires

 A cook prepares food at Lo de Carlitos hamburger restaurant.

Lo de Carlitos is among the top burger joints in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Lo de Carlitos)

Let’s start with the legendary culinary entrepreneurship born in Villa Gesell (Argentine Coast) where you can choose among 30 types of burgers. They’re crafted from beef loins that the owner picks personally and purchases locally.  It has no added seasonings or flavors. So, this is one of the best choices to sample the great quality of Argentine meat.

Trixie:Gorriti 5567, Palermo

Trixie Burgers is an American style hamburger restaurant in Argentina.

If you’re looking for the American diner experience, Trixie Burger is your spot in Buenos Aires. (Trixie Burger)

Trixie offers a wide variety of dishes and drinks, prepared in a traditional American style such as the Super Trixie Burger. The business has the aesthetics of a 1950’s American diner, with an  aluminum bar, tiles and chrome stools. The house specialty is the  afore mentioned Super Trixie Burger; a homemade hamburger with BBQ sauce, bacon, ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato and onion, served with french fries and onion rings.

Pepino: Av. del Libertador 14475

Pepino Hamburger restaurant is in Argentina.

The cooks at Pepino restaurant personally select the cuts of meat for their hamburgers. (Pepino Restaurant)

Pepino is located at a corner, in the neighborhood of Martínez. It’s a northern classic that’s been in business for 40 years and specializes in fast food dishes, including homemade burgers. The most popular one is the Complete. It’s a burger cooked with meat personally selected and purchased by the staff and then seasoned in its kitchen. The crispy french fries are another favorite!

The Embers Av. Del Libertador 14638

The Embers in Buenos Aires serves up hamburgers with pebete bread.

The Embers serves hamburgers that include a fried egg and pebete bread. (The Embers)

The Embers reopened in early 2014 after a tragic fire that burnt it down completely. Today, it’s beautifully and carefully restored. Their famous wholesome homemade burgers include; fried egg, onion, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, bacon, pebete bread and french fries. The double burger consists of a tray with two whole homemade burgers, fries and onion rings ideal for sharing.

Indiana: Palermo

Indiana hamburger restaurant is in Argentina.

It might feel like an American burger restaurant but make no mistake, Indiana is in Argentina. (Indiana Restaurant)

Indiana is an American restaurant, decorated with posters, flags and other objects related to American culture. The place is cozy and super cool, and the food is abundant; you can choose from the simple homemade hamburger with cheese and bacon, which is a “must” or a huge double burger that is served with french fries and onion rings. They also offer free live shows on some days for customers.

Burger Joint Borges 1766

The Burger Joint in Argentina serves up hamburgers.

The Burger Joint in Buenos Aires is a franchise that serves up hamburgers usrng Argentine beef. (Burger Joint, Buenos Aires)

This is an American franchise that was recently established in Palermo Soho. Among the house specials, they offer the Bleu Burger. Its base is a homemade hamburger with caramelized onions, Roquefort cheese, portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula and a rich homemade bread. Only for gourmet foodies.

As you can see, eating a hamburger in Buenos Aires is not about fast food; it’s a culinary experience, an excuse to share and enjoy the best traditional restaurants and a chance to mingle with the locals.

Oh! And you must remember, adults in Buenos Aires usually accompany their burger with a good beer, or two!!

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