Sofia Reyes leaps from YouTube to pop stardom

After a sitting down for 15 minutes with up-and-coming star Sofia Reyes, we discovered an energetic and bubbly person with a pocket full of talent…

After a sitting down for 15 minutes with up-and-coming star Sofia Reyes, we discovered an energetic and bubbly person with a pocket full of talent –but Prince Royce beat us to it.

Reyes, 19, was discovered by the bachata crooner and is the first artist to be signed to his record label “D’Leon Records” in partnership with Warner Music Latina.

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“It’s amazing, I really admire him,” Reyes spoke highly of Prince Royce. “He believes in my project and he’s helping me grow as an artist.”

And though the pop star feels blessed and lucky, she was no stranger to the Internet world prior to this big opportunity.

“I released two digital singles with my independent label,” she told VOXXI. “People began to know me through YouTube – that’s how people knew who Sofia Reyes was.”

The young songstress, who is originally from Monterrey, Mexican but resides in Los Angeles, started playing the piano when she was 5 years old and writing her own songs with her dad when she was 11. “I knew I wanted to do music for my life,” Reyes said.

Through her YouTube exposure, the help of Prince Royce and her passion for music, Reyes is building her empire with a new single and forthcoming album.

“I am doing the promo of ‘Muevelo’ featuring Wisin, I’m so happy and honored,” she said of the reggaeton star who she’s always admired. “I’m excited, people really like this song.”

The official music video of the catchy and vibrant tune has garnered over half a million views since its release.

Reyes, as well as her closest friends, is overwhelmed with the positive feedback the single has received. “They’re like ‘you’re in the radio all the time,’” Reyes stated.

In the midst of a new single, Reyes is also touring with Prince Royce, leaving her voice and dance moves in respectable venues around the world such as Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional, Puerto Rico’s Coliseo and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Up-and-coming pop singer Sofia Reyes sits with VOXXI to talk about her new single, her skyrocketing career and her bond with Prince Royce. (Photo: Jessica Lucia Roiz / VOXXI)

“It’s crazy because I started doing my shows online and now I’m singing in these theaters –it’s like a dream come true,” she said.

Reyes also spilled the beans on her upcoming album, which will be released next year. She’s also very ecstatic to launch it.

“I really want people to listen to my songs,” she said, also adding that she wrote all the songs. “It’s a complete album, with songs in English, Spanish and some collaborations.”

As our interview wrapped up, we couldn’t help but to know more of this fresh, beautiful and aspiring singer. And of course, we embarked on a fun Q&A.

Q&A: What is Sofia Reyes like?

VOXXI (V): Who are some of your favorite female singers?

SOFIA REYES (SR): My biggest inspiration is Whtiney Houston. I started singing with “I Will Always Love You,” it’s a very personal and important song for me. I also like Adele and I like Kesha.

V: What other artists would you like to work with?

SR: I would love to do something with Ed Sheeran, Enrique Iglesias or Pitbull. Yea!

V: What are some of your favorite things in life?

SR: I love chocolate. I definitely love going to the beach. I love taking pictures and going to the movies. I’m a really chill person, I like doing that type of stuff in my free time.

V: What’s the coolest thing about being a well-known singer?

SR: I love performing and being in the studio, creating songs.  But meeting the fans and the people that support you, that’s the best part.

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V: When was the first time you were star-strucked?

SR: When I met Guillermo del Toro – I admire him so much. One of my big goals is to be in a Guillermo del Toro movie. I love him.

V: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

SR: I guess Twitter because I get to connect with people more. I’m always writing to them and they write back.