Top 10 bestselling books by Latino authors

Want to stay on top of your Latino literature? Well here is the list of bestselling Latino authors in the US that have taken the…

Want to stay on top of your Latino literature? Well here is the list of bestselling Latino authors in the US that have taken the top 10 spots in the last month. The great thing is most of these selections are printed in both Spanish and English editions for your reading enjoyment

  1. Adultery / Adulterio

Paulo Coelho’s “Adultery” is a bestseller in the United States. (Knopf)

Paulo Coelho’s “Adultery” is the bestseller of the moment. It’s the Brazilian writer’s latest novel playing with the concept of romance. It tells the story of a woman who is given a second chance at love, having what seemed a perfect life as a successful professional with a husband and children who loved her.

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  1. Rise Up & Shine!: My Secrets For Success in Career, Relationships, and Life / ¡Pa’rriba y pa’lante!: mis secretos para triunfar en tu carrera, tu relación y tu vida.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan attend Cristina Saralegui's book party.

Marcos Avila, Gloria Estefan, Cristina Saralegui and Emilio Estefan attend Cristina Saralegui’s book launch at the Vintro Hotel on October 23, 2014 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

This remarkable book by talk show legend Cristina Saralegui appears as one of the most sought after in October 2014. Cristina is known as the Queen of Hispanic media and leads a successful career and life along with her large Cuban family. She has always been asked how she got so successful: The answer could be in this book, where she shares her success, achievements along with her share of drawbacks and difficult times–including her son’s mental illness.

  1. True love / Amor verdadero

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s new book “True Love” is a bestseller among Latino authors in the U.S. (Photo Facebook/ JenniferLopez)

True Love is Jennifer Lopez’s first book, where she speaks about, well, what else but true love. She explores the most important moments of her life as a mother and artist through this topic. She tells us about her fears and life challenges. Critics point out that hers is an honest and revealing personal journal of her life as a notable Latin artist, plus it has dazzling photographs of her intimate moments and stories that she had never publicly shared until now.

  1. El Círculo

Colombian writer Mario Escobar wrote 'El circulo'

“El Circulo” is Mario Escobar’s latest book and a bestseller. (Create Space Independent Publishing)

This is an exciting novel by Mario Escobar, who is a worldwide bestselling author. His works have been translated into several languages. As a novelist, essayist and lecturer, he holds a degree in History and a diploma in advanced studies in Modern History. His passion for history, its enigmas and specialization in the colonization of the Americas and the lives of Spanish and American characters define his works. It made the number 4 spot of our bestselling books among Latinos.

  1. El lado fácil de la gente difícil
  2. Cesar Lozano wrote on how to deal with difficult people.

    Cesar Lozano has had success with his book “El lado facil de la gente dificil.” (Aguilar)

    With his characteristic clear and direct style, Dr. Cesar Lozano helps us see the simple side of the difficult who surround us. Arrogant, selfish husbands, rude co-workers, annoying wives, amongst other miserable people, appear in the pages of this revealing book. He tries to give us a hand with how to deal with this complicated lot. This is a book that can help transform your difficult relationships into much more pleasant ones.

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