Mostrando su voluptuoso trasero, Lauren Jauregui instruye a sus fans para que voten

El video que la cantante compartió en Instagram ha causado revuelo

Mostrando su voluptuoso trasero, Lauren Jauregui instruye a sus fans para que voten
Lauren Jauregui.
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Regreso a Clases

Muchas celebridades han pedido a sus fans a través de sus redes sociales que salgan a votar, pero la forma en la que lo hizo Lauren Jauregui ha sido una de las más originales y atrevidas.

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Let me hack that algorithm real quick. #repost from @tmrwmag 💕// It’s Voter Registration day and you should consider voting this year and researching who it is your voting for. It’s not only the presidential election that’s on the ballot. Local officials are up for re-election. These are the people who are going to be deciding things for your city, county and municipality. These are people like the Mayor, the Justices of state and local legislative branches, the sheriffs, the District Attorneys, the commissioners, the property appraisers, and many more positions of importance. If you don’t know what any of those words mean or who is running for these positions, that means you need to do some research. I’m voting in Florida. We are currently in a situation where we NEED progressive people elected into office if we want to curtail the obvious fascist trajectory our state/country are on. Granted, we’ve had conservative leadership for a long time, we are used to being stolen from, manipulated & not trusting our government officials. We are used to being told there is no money to help the people, that unemployment needs to be ended in the midst of one of the greatest economic/health crisis we’ve faced, that there isn’t any money to protect our environment and make that a priority even though we all know our waters are polluted and in danger bc of our lack of protective policy. You can keep believing this is the only option, that the exploitation of others who have to deal with the environmental, social and mental effects of what these politicians do or don’t doesn’t affect you or your future- but it does. This is all intertwined. This moment is not an accident, coincidence or any one person’s fault. This is an amalgamation of CENTURIES of unhealed oppressive colonial rules, policy and standards continuing to wreak havoc on us on spiritually, physically, politically, socially, interpersonally, mentally, all of the above & more. Voting isn’t gonna save us, we’re gonna save us; but there will be no saving if this continues as is. ABOLISH ICE, PRIVATE PRISONS & all other extractive entities that operate on our dollar. Im doing a live w @engagemia on their page today!

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En un video que publicó en su cuenta de Instagram, la cantante colocó en uno de sus glúteos el sticker que comprueba que votó, luciendo así la sensual tanga negra que llevaba puesta. El clip lleva ya más de un millón 255 mil reproducciones.

Lauren acompañó el video con un largo mensaje, instruyendo a sus seguidores en cómo elegir al candidato que crean los representa mejor: “Busca las guías de votantes para alinearte con los candidatos correctos si no tienes idea de quién, además de Biden y Trump, está en tus boletas”.

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