7 For All Mankind Introduces FOOLPROOF Denim

A New Era of Men’s Everyday Luxury Denim That Can Be Washed and Dried
Without Shrinkage

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–7 For All Mankind prides itself on denim innovation, particularly when
it comes to fit, fabric and finish. The brand has mastered shape
retention and has the answer for every guy who has accidentally put
their jeans in the dryer. FOOLPROOF is the first jean of its kind
— a jean that won’t change shape, regardless of daily wash or wear.

FOOLPROOF denim has real value. Practical. Undeniable. Utmost

FOOLPROOF denim represents the brand’s biggest launch since Luxe
Performance and is meticulously designed with the everyday guy’s
lifestyle in mind. The brand changed the game of denim with Luxe
Performance and now they’re doing it again. The revolutionary jean can
be washed and dried. FOOLPROOF eliminates the opportunity for growth
after wear and shrinkage after washing.

“Denim itself is the ultimate everyday essential,” said Barry Miguel,
President of 7 For All Mankind. “Yet, it’s when luxury meets everyday
essentials that something terrific happens. Through innovation, we are
able to add true luxury to denim, with practicality in wash and wear.”

“Exceptional everyday comfort meets an incredible fabric that is
resistant to changing shape. When you add in the element of ease of
care, this is literally the perfect fabric,” said Miguel. “The unique
blend of fibers are woven together by a patented machine which
eliminates the opportunity for error without sacrificing comfort.” These
properties make the denim so special and resistant to change. FOOLPROOF
Denim is exclusive to 7 For All Mankind, impossible to reproduce and
represents the first of its kind in an exciting new category the brand
is calling Intelligent Luxury Denim.

Launching in Spring 2016, FOOLPROOF will be offered in 7 For All
Mankind’s top three signature fits, Paxtyn, Slimmy and The Straight, in
three indigo washes, Classic Indigo, Alpha and Tribute. Priced from $169
– $189, FOOLPROOF will be available at all 7 For All Mankind retail
stores and select wholesalers nationwide.


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7 For All Mankind
Timothy Flach, Public Relations Manager