A Collaboration of Ontario’s Social Entrepreneurs Launch Bioblossom Natural Products Inc.: A Catalyst for Bringing Positive, Real Impacts to People in Communities

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A team composed of socially motivated entrepreneurs in Ontario announced
today the launch of Bioblossom Natural Products, Inc., a Canadian
SuperFood company with a strong focus in deeply-rooted, highly
beneficial natural health products, ingredients and options.

The company was founded by the Aguilar’s, Gepte’s and Torres’ families,
and later supported by their close associates, such as the Baquiran’s,
Figueroa’s, and a few others abroad. They are mostly management/finance
and technical/technology professionals who support the vision of
creating a better world through initiatives that improve the lives of
families and children in the developing world. They also envision seeing
families and communities embracing all naturals and organics as
beneficial options.

“We would like to be a new catalyst for rediscovering highly beneficial
ingredients and be a resource for empowering families to make informed
healthy choices,” asserted by the Bioblossom family. “We have seen lots
of evidence-based studies showing how nutritious and effective Moringa
Oleifera is, and saw the opportunity to raise awareness of this
superfood and potent source of antioxidants.”

The company is now offering to resellers/wholesalers its products under
the Bioblosssom Naturals brand. These include the MORINGA SMART
SuperFood supplement–a powerhouse combination of nutrients and
antioxidants approved by Health Canada, and the organic MORINGA SMART
SuperPowder for culinary purposes.

The company has also collaborated with the leading tea blenders and
purveyors to bring some of the finest assortments of teas, specialty
teas and tisanes, including green tea, black tea, fruit, herbs and
wellness blends now available to resellers online at www.bioblossom-naturals.com.

Meanwhile, the Bioblossom family unveiled its partnership with Plan
Canada to deliver the Gift of Hope: Water and Sanitation for Communities
– helping people make a healthy choice for clean water, and reducing
thousands of very preventable deaths in dozens of communities in the
developing world. Every year, more than 1.5 million children in
developing countries die from illnesses related to drinking unclean

Edgardo Torres and Meinrad Baquiran, the company’s President and Vice
President for Corporate Affairs said, “There are real issues in other
parts of the world requiring meaningful support. We have made a
commitment to donate part of our profits to supporting initiatives that
bring real, positive impacts to people.”


Bioblossom Natural Products, Inc.
Meinrad Baquiran, 416-728-7906