Responds to Misleading Claims Made by For-Profit Pet Website

North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Search Engine Affirms Its
Position as Second Most Trafficked Pet Search Site in the U.S.

responding to erroneous claims that it had been surpassed as the number
two pet search website in the U.S., is releasing information to “set the
record straight” according to
President and Co-Founder, David Meyer.

“Just as we have been for many years, we remain the number two pet
search website as measured by a variety of industry standard metrics,”
said Meyer. “September and October 2015 reports from comScore place
as number two in site visits,” states Meyer.

This response from follows a media push from a
for-profit pet website claiming to now hold the number two position.
Meyer is speaking out to challenge the metrics and ethics used by the
site in question, pointing out that month-over-month visitor
performance, time on site, pages per visit and bounce rate are far more
indicative of site rankings than a limited period of increased, low
quality visits.

“The average time visitors spend on, the number of pet
searches they run, the number of pets they see and inquire about at
animal shelters, and – most importantly – the number of pets animal
shelters and rescues say we help adopt out far eclipse the nearest
trailing pet search websites. These are the measures that truly count
for a pet search website, as they are a reflection of user engagement
and the meaningful impact our non-profit has in helping good people
connect with great pets.” works
closely with over 16,000 animal welfare organizations across the United
States and Canada and features upwards of 225,000 adoptable pets at any
given time. According to Google Analytics:

  • The site had 3.6M+ site visitors in October 2015 and 3.5M+ in
    September 2015.
  • Engaged users spend an average of almost 8 minutes on site, per
  • Individual pet profile pages are viewed 12.6M times per month.
is directly responsible for many pets finding loving homes. The
charitable organization rates far beyond its nearest trailing pet search
website as reported by comScore, and
not only in site traffic, but in length of stay and number of people who
see the site and don’t immediately leave.

Says Meyer, “The claims of new pet search websites in business to
attract advertisers can be confusing – especially when the claims are
based upon a short-term boost in what appears to be bogus users who
immediately leave the site upon landing.”

About is North
America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website helping over 16,000
animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet
adoption agencies advertise their purebred and mixed breed pets for free
to millions of adopters. also
provides valuable information on the human/companion animal relationship
to help keep pets healthy and successfully living in their loving homes.

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