AHF Supports Planned Parenthood

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As Congress prepares to pass a spending bill to fund the federal
government, a group of anti-abortion conservatives have signaled their
intentions to defund Planned Parenthood following the release of
undercover videos alleging that the group benefits from fetal tissue
sales—and a coalition of lawmakers have even threatened a government
shutdown to oppose federal funding for the organization. In addition,
some governors from states including Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah
and New Hampshire have moved to illegally cut state Medicaid funding for
Planned Parenthood—states where Planned Parenthood says it does not
currently operate fetal donation programs.

“This latest coordinated attack on Planned Parenthood is nothing more
than a thinly-veiled attempt by anti-abortion conservatives to shut down
an organization they’ve long harbored a vendetta against,” said AIDS
Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Chief of Medicine Michael Wohlfeiler,
J.D., M.D., AAHIVMS. “While abortion foes are busy grinding their axe,
it’s low-income women who stand to lose access to needed services like
birth control, pregnancy testing and other medical services should
states be allowed to illegally withhold Medicaid funding from the
organization. It’s so much easier to denounce Planned Parenthood from on
top of a soapbox than it is to be a real champion for change by
supporting Medicaid expansion or programs that help provide homes for
the thousands of unwanted children who go into the foster care system
each year.”

Federal law currently bans federal funds from being used to cover
abortion for Medicaid patients except in cases of rape, incest or
potentially fatal pregnancies and state attempts to terminate Medicaid
contracts with Planned Parenthood are in clear violation of federal law.

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