Branded Research Expands With Powerful New Branded Insights Department

Recent expansion to focus on high frequency, forward-looking insights
and personalizing panelists

, a leader in leveraging new technologies for better, faster
and more reliable data collection, today announced the addition of its
new Branded Insights Department. Headed by Kristen Miles, a 10-year
veteran in analyzing market research trends and driving insights, the
company will provide clients custom insights solutions, while producing
insights-at-large, focusing both on elevating the panelist experience
and digging deeper into consumer behavior.

“Our capabilities have dramatically increased with the addition of
Branded Insights,” said Matt Gaffney, CEO and co-founder of Branded
Research. “We’re eager to leverage the wealth of data we have at our
fingertips, through our reliable panelist community, to mine consumer
and business insights on our own. And we’re looking forward to sharing
insights on the experience of our panelists.”

With the addition of the Branded Insights Department, Branded Research’s
accurate, socially-leveraged data will become more robust and tell a
richer story about the humans behind the data, providing valuable
insights on behavior and preferences. With its programmatic approach,
and based on topic, Branded Research delivers results efficiently
between three hours to three days.

Miles, who most recently held tenure as manager of research at global
performance management company Nielsen, and the Branded Insights
Department will focus on market segmentation, gleaning valuable insights
about habits and tastes within specific demographics to provide strong,
unique — and even niche — data to clients and for Branded Research white
papers. This includes everything from consumer confidence to how age and
income level affect political activism to celebrity research used by
movie studios for casting. It can also have positive implications for
nonprofits seeking to better understand and attract donors and
volunteers. Add to this how quickly Branded Research can collect
reliable quantitative data and, within a short timeframe, the company
can provide insights into previously lesser understood consumer behavior.

“I’m proud to be a part of Branded Research, a rising company that cares
both about the quality of the data it collects and the people behind
it,” said Miles. “The more we understand about consumer behavior, the
more we can focus our efforts, whether in providing insight into the
products and services consumers want to buy or understanding how
consumers view the world around them.”

About Branded Research

Branded Research is a global market research company offering online
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collection by leveraging trusted social communities, brinc provides
reliable and powerful metrics to both consumer and b2b clients. Through
proven and innovative methods, as well as proprietary technologies like
MintVine, brinc is able to actively engage with consumers and reach
specified target audiences, resulting in more precise and complete end
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