Breakthrough Electronic Device Syncs with Music and Sends Pleasure Signals to the Brain

NERVANA Will Make Its World Debut at CES Las Vegas 2016

a breakthrough electronic device that sends pleasure signals to the
brain, will debut for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in
Las Vegas. NERVANA delivers proprietary electrical signals through the
skin to stimulate the Vagus nerve and synchronizes with music to provide
a positive state of mind. NERVANA is engineered to give users a feel and
experience of music never previously provided.

“NERVANA was created with the idea of modulating vagus nerve stimulation
to the beat of music,” said Dr. Richard G. Cartledge, co-founder and
co-creator of NERVANA. “NERVANA will release us from the conventional
listening experience and lead us to explore an entirely new music

Unique to any other product on the market, NERVANA lets you physically feel
the music. NERVANA stimulates nerves to magnify the pleasurable
qualities of music. This new way to listen to your favorite
song/playlist evokes sensations that stimulate your body to produce
dopamine, the feel good chemical. Users simply plug in a music source,
put in the NERVANA ear buds, and feel the gentle electrical signal dance
to their favorite tunes. The settings can be easily customized with
simple buttons and a sensitivity dial.

NERVANA’s innovative headphone system applies the stimulation signal
from the NERVANA generator to the vagus nerve through the ear canal
while simultaneously delivering music. The NERVANA stimulation signal
generator has three modes: (1) it can receive a music signal directly
from any source (e.g., a smartphone) through a standard audio jack and
supply a stimulation waveform that follows the music; (2) it can take
ambient music, such as at a concert, and supply a stimulation signal
that actually tracks the live performer; and (3) it can generate
stimulation waveforms internally, which are either pre-programmed or are
customized from existing music tracks.

“NERVANA helps people enjoy themselves and break away from the stressors
of daily life,” said Dr. Daniel J. Cartledge, co-founder and co-creator
of NERVANA. “Everyone needs a change of pace, and we provide a natural
way to transform the way people feel and experience the world.”

NERVANA is drug free and compatible with all genres of music. Portable
and small enough to carry in your pocket, anyone can use NERVANA
virtually anywhere, anytime, regardless of how knowledgeable they are
about music and technology. To escape reality, it’s as easy as picking
your favorite song, sliding the NERVANA buds into your ears and
selecting your customized settings…then…let the NERVANA experience begin!

“Having developed a way to so efficiently modulate the nervous system by
stimulating the vagus nerve without surgery, NERVANA found the key to
the body’s `superhighway’ into the brain,” said Dr. Shaye Moskowitz MD,
PhD in neurosurgery and neurobiology. “Pairing everyday music with this
results in the brain and body’s production of the primary ‘feel-good’
chemicals that put you in a positive state of mind without drug hazards.”

Attendees at CES will have the opportunity to experience the NERVANA
device before it becomes available to consumers in Spring 2016. To
schedule an appointment, please email

The patent-pending NERVANA device, including the generator and ear buds,
will be available to purchase for $299.99 through the NERVANA website.
This is the first of many products NERVANA is currently developing that
enhance our lives utilizing the exciting new science of bioelectronics.

For more information, please visit
and follow NERVANA on Twitter @Nervana_US and for
the latest updates.


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